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Posted: Tuesday 20 July 2021 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

 Oldak can confirm that Zanik will get better eventually and she'll just need some time. Visit Thaerisk in Falador Castle to RuneScape Gold learn that Lucien was found. A new island in the wilderness has appeared, and it's too risky to teleport, since there will be antiteleportation spells.


It is necessary to construct a boat with 14 planks, 200 nails of any type, and 200 screws. When you're close to the Rogues Castle, you will be able to find a location to launch your boat. The White Knights will have it there for you, which means you will have room to spare for food.


Board the boat, and then head towards the middle of the island and find the place which is where Hazeel, Zemouregal, Enakhra, and Lucien are all gathered. Lucien will become aware of the presence of you, and begin to display to his friends his new abilities. If you don't activate Protect from Magic.


When Lucien is at half health and a cutscene is triggered. Your prayer stops, and you are beaten by Lucien. Summer Bonde, Spirit of Summer, suddenly appears and will revive your prayer. She will talk about how you should never lose faith, even when you are in danger.


Lucien will be mocked by the Mahjarrat group for having been held back by the ghost of an eight year old girl. Lucien will attack Summer and take her away. The White Knights will teleport in and pull you out, taking heavy casualties along the way. Your character will remark that Lucien did not look as sick as Salarin said that he did. Sir Amik Varze, the gnome ambassador, will come up to him and request an appointment with Cheap OSRS Gold Temple Knights. He will then instruct Tiffy Cashien to meet with him.alt

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