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Posted: Friday 31 July 2020 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]


We can dream, although it's unlikely there will be a ps4/5 variation in NA, or when there's it'll be an entirely different ecosystem, since the current characters are tied to a Xbox live account. Given how hard it's to have Sony and Microsoft to play nice together, I doubt we'll have the ability to log in to our Xbox accounts Playstation any time soon, and that I doubt they'll execute a meseta pso2 new account to tie your personalities to just so we can log into there.If so, then I will point out that in all fairness, that's Minecraft. It is essentially one of the gaming properties in the world at this point, so constraints that apply in the cases of different games will get effort.

Well I'm bummed, I wanted to play with the NA version but I'm having all sorts of issues on PC. I tried installing it through the MS Shop on a secondary driveway and it dropped a whole lot of files in the root directory of this drive (probably MS Store stuff) and then some info in my Documents directory. I uninstalled it through the Start menu and it didn't seem to eliminate anything, and that I had to fiddle around to receive all of the stuff in the main directory to delete. Try again later." I'm frustrated that Microsoft apparently can't work out without dumping crap wherever it wants, how to install programs. I guess I will check in on Phantasy Star Online 2 again in a month.

There appears to be a (now) known problem with the Windows Store about installing drives aside from the system drive. If you are willing to give it another try, I would recommend using PSO2 Tweaker. That supports installing drives. Should you go this route, you'll want to join the PSO2 Discord server and read the directions on doing as it's a little wonky evading the Store Install route. I rebooted my pc and it is downloading in the MS Store again. I saw that the PSO2 Tweaker devs additional support for NA link, so I will try it with the initial download from the MS shop and see whether Tweaker will upgrade it. I opened the PSO2 Tweaker I just today and it's downloading and installing the NA version for me. Neat!

What I want to know is how they are going to handle accounts on different platforms (Steam)... am I will need to start over or will I somehow be able to associate my XB account I've been enjoying on PC together and continue on? If I'm going to have to begin over and shed the money/time I've already spent I'm going to quit playing before the Steam version is available because I really don't enjoy how Microsoft handles accounts along with the purchases. Not true, never really had a problem with running Halo MCC. Halo utilizes Phantasy Star Online 2 Bar, which doesn't bugger out every few days. Gambling Services that PSO2 uses is different. Gaming Services is cancer and never functions + demands script that takes reboot to un/reinstall (I hate rebooting and shouldn't need to, as a linux lover ffs), Game Bar behaves.

Its still, saying. I'm not saying we know for sure when you consider that although it WO N'T occur: the current NA version already has international evaluations. Phantasy Star games always had EU and NA discuss servers. Well simply making the buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta current NA variant a variant seems possible and more likely.

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