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Posted: Friday 16 October 2020 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ] - 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]


Granted, there are some items I discover time-consuming, but it's nothing others haven't discussed at length already - amounts if buying/crafting, more amount of interaction with villagers - but these things are Animal Crossing Bells not deal breakers for me.

Edit: I'll also add this is the first AC game I've playedwith.

I love New Leaf. Probably 300+ hours in it. New horizons stinks for me since the crafting is restricting and tedious, breakable tools are bullshit, qr codes are locked behind online, and it feels just like a grindy cellular game--together with all the nook miles especially. Also, the fan base could be. . .intense, in words that are respectful.

The game is quite much"do whatever you want as long as you can do it this way".

Sorry I don't have a positive review for you, but I outlined my reasons more obviously than"just boring"

I enjoy the game. I think if they genuinely indicate that they mean to evolve the game, and not do the BS that GameFreak does using Pokemon(where they include a brand new mechanic but eliminate so much it feels like a step backward ), then I am excited about that.

The game does have some serious flaws which need to be addressed in the next iteration for it to be a guaranteed purchase from me, however. Villagers are the big one. The character types are too identical, and we want variations on each character (eg Snooty Villager A is a sass queen who's more inclined to create lines about how'quaint' the decoration she is next to is, while Snooty Villager B is an art-lover who is more inclined to produce a line about the artistic values of this decoration). It's odd to to have two villagers with the specific same character, and it necessarily makes you feel as a third-wheel because you don't think they are as adorable as the other is. Similarly, we just plain need more lines for every villager type because the repetition really kills the illusion of these animals being your buddies. There's also not much you can do together. It'd be nice to be able to, say, invite them to your home or tell them to meet you at the memorial within one hour or something.

Another huge shortcoming of the series is the lack of depth with item interactivity. More items need to be interactive(eg you need to be able to lounge in pools like you can with seats ), and many items need to be more striking when utilized (eg that the cannon should produce a genuine cannonball instead of a gloomy puff of smoke, and arcades should have a little mini-game attached). This is especially true of bigger items which take up a lot of space. For how large it is, it is quite annoying that I can not get into the buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells teacup ride.

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