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Group NameOfficial MM Private Group: Libra Sun Scorpio Moon
DescriptionThis is a completely PRIVATE Group for only those who have Libra Sun and Scorpio Moon positions (like you).

This is your own private Tribe of kindred souls to discuss anything that you wish.

Libra/Scorpio people are a curious mix of people who are both sexy and cute. Those in this group have your same ability to assess a situation in seconds and know what's Just. Being Scorpio moon, you easily see beneath the surface of things; and know what others' motives really are. This is a very dynamic group of people; loving mysteries, sex and taboo.

Roughly 1 in 144 people have this combination. The odds dictate that you haven't intimately known anyone with your same Sun and Moon positions.

Anything you post in here will only be seen by other Libra Sun Scorpio Moon people like you. This Group is not searchable and does not share posts to your "What's New?" Feeds unless you also subscribe to this Group.

Be as frank about your personalities as you want. Keep in mind that only these members - who are more like you than most anyone you've ever known - will understand best what you post in here.
Category Personality Groups: Astro Sun/Moon Combinations - Libra Sun Scorpio Moon
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