Numerology - Number 6

Generous, sympathetic, self-sacrificing, caring: sound like anyone you know? The number 6 can be called the ultimate nurturer. Whether you're looking for fresh-baked brownies or a shoulder to cry on, the 6 may be the number you need.

The 6 is also the number of love and marriage, which, as the old song reminds us, "go together like a horse and carriage." In fact, if everything were up to the 6's, everything would go together like a horse and carriage, because the 6 is the number of balance and evenhandedness.

You can always look to the 6 to create a sense of family. With hot cocoa, warm blankies, and fresh-baked cookies, this is the nurturing number you can always cozy up to.

Got a problem? Take it to the 6, who will give you sympathy and understanding. Got a question? You can be sure the 6 will have some good solid advice.

The Blessing:
The blessing of the 6 is that he or she is wise and lives according to guidance from the heart. The ability to make a full commitment, to take on great sums of responsibility, and to execute it competently and with love is the blessing of the 6. The 6's greatest gift is his or her loving nature.

What's Important to the 6:
Loyalty. Things being fair. Not mistreating the underdog. Calm. Peacefulness. A comfortable home. Things must be adorned with grace and beauty.

What Offends the 6:
Sixes are offended by noise and confusion. Undependability. Not to be of service. Unhappiness in the outer world. Unattractive environments. Being hurried or rushed.

Life with the 6:
The 6 is romantically inclined and leans toward the ideal in matters of the heart, therefore the 6 is likely to have had some ideal notions about marriage partners. For this reason, the 6 can find it difficult to have a partner live up to his or her high standards and about how the ideal partner "should" be--and we emphasize, "should" because 6's are big on "shoulds".

Everything in a 6's life must be harmonious, for this number, above all else, requires balance in its life. If there should be a quarrel or disruption, a 6 will have an urgent desire to put things right in the home. That's because the home is the nest for the 6, and if there's any discord there, trust the 6 to rush in and fix things.

Six is also called the marriage and divorce number because the 6 brings deep matters of the heart to bear upon one's life. If 6 loves, it will be a deep, committed love, not the flirtatious love attraction of the 3, or the sensual love affair of the 5. It will be the deeply felt "real" love of marriage (well… as real as an idealized love can be, anyway). This is devotion at its best.

If one's marriage has no "heart" left, however, the 6 becomes the number of divorce. It's not unusual to find people getting married or divorced in a 6 year. A 6 six will spend much or his or her leisure time planting flowers, remodeling, or doing home projects, preferably with his or her spouse. These are the homebodies--and no one can nest like a 6.

The number 6 governs counseling and teaching and people will be drawn to the 6 for advice or problem solving--talents at which this number excels. It's not unusual to find a 6 with a home-based business, especially a therapist or counselor whose clients will not only get loving advice, but will be nurtured by the environment of the caring 6.

Sixes are very responsible, and, in fact, are often responsible for other people's stuff where there's no need to be. It's this desire to put others before themselves, their nurturing nature plus their need to be responsible, along with a strong sense of duty that leads 6's to over commit and they find they're out of balance in their lives.

The Misunderstood 6:
The 6's desire to be loved and to love, to care for others and be responsible. The 6 may not be seen as the strong, resilient force it truly is. In fact, for those who do not understand "coming from the heart," the 6 may be seen as egotistical or weak. In the 6's desire for beauty and love, he or she can idealize romance and marriage, and find it hard to live in the realistic day-to-day life (of dreary burden, said the 6). The 6 may put unrealistic demands on his or her partner, or find it difficult to have a marriage partner because of the 6's ideal standards.

The Least You Need to Know:
* The 6 is the number of the family and mothering.
* The 6's symbol represents the heart.
* The 6 is symbolized by the balanced six-pointed star.
* Spiritually, the 6 is the essence of love.
* The 6 is the number of nurturing, giving, and understanding.
Nurturing. Responsibility. Family. Duty. Balance. The marriage and divorce number. Love. Romance. Loves to beautify. Love of animals and children. Service to others. Community. Harmony (like the 2).

Associated Astrological Sign:

Tarot Cards:
The lovers-the card of love and romance and making commitments in these matters. This card desires balance in all relationships.

The Challenge:
The challenge of the 6 is to not be the long--suffering martyr and to remain realistic in matters of the heart. If you're a 6, your challenge is to learn not to sacrifice so much of yourself that you have nothing left to give or no heart to love.

To love and be loved is the 6's deepest desire. Without love, a 6 won't reach the soul satisfaction or the heights of success the 6 is capable of. In addition, 6s need approval and praise. They crave it: Feeling appreciated is essential to the 6. If a 6 isn't receiving appreciation, don't be surprised to see him or her looking elsewhere for companionship or work--in fact, you can count on it!

This number is, however, subject to flattery and influenced strongly by a kind word or a flattering remark. The 6 can go blissfully off in the wrong direction just with a note of praise, which is a contradiction of character in this otherwise strong, responsible number. Of course, the fact that the 6 already has an idealized notion of love, isn't too helpful in this situation, either. In short, we might find the 6 falling in love and devoting his or her life to someone who flatters and only appears to love him or her. Don't be fooled--the 6 longs for and can deliver immense love.

Learning to receive is one of the hardest tasks for the 6. The 6 is so competent in giving that others are either intimidated in their efforts to give back, or feel they're not needed. Don't be confused, in reality, the 6 needs you: to love and to praise him or her!

When a wrong or injustice is being committed, trust the 6 to speak "the truth", in an honest, straightforward manner, which, in fact, usually comes out bluntly. The 6 is the champion of the underdog--is it any wonder that we find 6's naturally drawn to social work, community restoration projects, and children's education?

Speaking of education, the 6 is always the teacher, for the 6 has a natural propensity to instruct others. The 6 also has strong interests in reform and principles, or any kind of instruction along the lines of emotions or spiritual longings of the soul. This number is a natural for home schooling, and you may find, whether you want it or not, that in your relationship with the 6, you are the recipient of many lessons.

As you might have guessed, the 6 is capable of sacrificing--so much so that he or she becomes a martyr, weighed down by the burden of responsibility, duty, and concern for others. After many years of living in this manner, the 6 may find health challenges moving into his or her life.

Sixes have firm convictions, a strong sense of right and wrong and what is just and fair, and they don't like to be contradicted or crossed. They're slow and deliberate in thought and action, retreating when hurried into promises or action.

6's also tend to worry a lot about the manner of things, most of it unnecessary. It's one way the 6 can feel responsible--just keep worrying about things as a way to keep the issue warm, protected, and cared for. We know it's crazy, but the 6 is crazed when it comes to being responsible. Their worry is that someone might think that he or she doesn't care!

Ultimately, 6's must learn to love themselves--to be loyal, thoughtful, sensitive, and caring toward themselves. Then they will not dispense love from a diminishing well, but become a well of love itself from which all may drink.

In a funny way, 6s must learn to care not so much for others but more for themselves. They get confused sometimes.