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YBOB Younger Brother of Brother(s)

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Younger Brother

of Brother(s)


Younger or Youngest Brothers of Brothers are somewhat impulsive souls who are more inclined to seek a thrilling adventure than other types. Y-BOBs are more likely to try skydiving, own a motorcycle, backpack Europe or join the military than their more conservative bigger brother(s).

Their heightened creativity and relaxed demeanor set Y-BOBs apart from the pack. Most women love these men. And why not? They're outgoing, charming, entertaining and generally agreeable. However he tends not to be very romantic, and doesn't coddle his mate with emotional outpourings of affection - preferring to be lighthearted and focused on excitement, rather than gushing.

Most Y-BOBs display the (P)erceiving Jungian Temperament. They typically are not the detail oriented task-masters that their Biggest Brother is; unless he is a *Challenging Second Born. 

His Best (Hetero) Matches:

O-SOB  Older Sister of Brothers (#1)

First Born

O-SOS  Older Sister of Sisters

First Born


Twin - With a brother or older brother


His Worst (Hetero) Matches:

Y-SOS Younger Sister of Sister(s) #1

Y-SOB Younger Sister of Brothers

Famous Younger Brothers of Brothers depicted above:

Jared Leto, Luke Wilson, Dennis Quaid, Eddie Murphy, Jeff Bridges, Johnny Depp

Ben Savage, Liam Hemsworth, Dave Chappelle, Michael B. Jordan, Mark Wahlberg, Charlie Sheen

John Travolta, Kevin Hart, Casey Affleck, Dave Franco, Stephen Baldwin, Eli Manning



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