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Last Borns

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Adventurous; More agreeable (less provoking) than siblings;

Charming; Relatively more dependent on others; Endearing;

Relatively selfish; Manipulative; More prone to take risks than other siblings.

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Last Born Theory:

Last Borns often grow up in the glow of the limelight, inadvertently learning how to grab attention and make the most of it. Their position in the family often allows them to develop a charming and outgoing personality that draws others towards them. But it's not all sunshine and roses - their knack for manipulation often comes into play, and they can be known to use their charm to get their way.

Having watched their elder siblings traverse through life, Last Borns frequently develop a carefree and adventurous spirit. They are often less concerned with following rules and more drawn to challenging them, pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. This risk-taking streak can make them highly innovative and creative, as they're not afraid to try new things and challenge the status quo.

Last Borns usually carry a laid-back attitude, having been raised in a more relaxed familial environment, as parents tend to loosen their grip with subsequent children. This relaxed demeanor is often complemented by a strong sense of humor and an ability to adapt quickly to different situations. 

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Common Effects of Being a Last Born:

• Last Borns, with their naturally outgoing and charismatic personality, often excel in roles that require social interaction, creativity, and persuasion. However, at their worst, they can be impatient, rebellious, and negatively manipulative, using their charm for personal gain rather than mutual benefit.

• Given their propensity for risk-taking and innovation, Last Borns are often drawn towards entrepreneurial ventures, the arts, and other creative industries. But this penchant for risk-taking can also manifest as a lack of discipline and a tendency to forget responsibilities.

• While their charm and manipulation can help them in various situations, Last Borns might struggle with responsibility and discipline. Their laid-back attitude can sometimes be perceived as a lack of seriousness or commitment, and they can become pushy when their needs or desires are not immediately met.

• The strong bond Last Borns form with their peer groups often translates into lasting friendships and partnerships. They are typically affectionate and engaging, being true "people" persons. However, their innate charm and desire for attention might sometimes lead to superficial relationships and a self-centered demeanor.

• Last Borns' competitive nature, often stemming from a desire to outdo their elder siblings, can drive them to achieve great success. However, it can also cause them stress and pressure if left unchecked.

• In their childhood, Last Borns often function as the family mascot, the target of jokes, and a relentless attention seeker. But as adults, they tend to tone down their negative traits and enhance their best "youngest" qualities, becoming well-adjusted individuals with a charming, relaxed, and genuine demeanor that is well-liked by all.

At the end of the day, Last Borns are a charming blend of adventurous spirit, innovative thinking, and social prowess. Their experiences uniquely position them to approach life with a zest and energy that's infectious and inspiring. But like any other archetype, they come with their own set of challenges that need to be managed effectively to bring out their best potential.

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Famous Last Born Dave Chappelle once said in an interview that part of his role as the youngest child was to crack jokes to lighten the family dynamic. “I was funny. I was the youngest kid,” Chappelle divulged, “The youngest kid in the family usually plays that role of tension breaker. I was that dude.” (Source)

The best sales people are often Last Borns. The next time you purchase a car, ask the salesperson what he or she is. Chances are he or she is a Last Born.


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a collage of famous last borns


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