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Public Figures on MatchMachine



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a collage of public figures and celebrities on MatchMachine

Public Figures on MatchMachine:

None of the Public Figures depicted in our Personality Collages on MatchMachine.com are affiliated with MatchMachine.com nor do they endorse MatchMachine.com in any way.

Photos collected for our Personality Collages are from Wikipedia or official Instagram accounts.  You are free to share and distribute our Personality Collages as teaching tools.

We use public personas, including their images, in aggregate, to teach Psychological and Astrological principles.  

None of the Public Figures have taken our Jungian Temperament Indicator test (JTI), however, we are able to make educated guesses for which archetype they may represent based on things they've said and/or the way they interact in the public arena.  Our guesses for Public Figures' Psychological temperaments or archetypes should in no way be perceived as official or certified assessments of their Psychological inventories - these are merely guesses based on their interaction with the public and are intended to weave an understanding for the archetype, temperament or Astrological principle in context.  

When we show Public Figures in a Birth Order context, we are doing so on the best available information, and we may not be aware of familial circumstances that would change their Birth Order archetype.

When we show Public Figures in an Astrological context, we are doing so based on the best available public information. 

There are instances where we have had to guess the Moon sign for certain Public Figures because the Moon changed signs on the day they were born and we do not have the time of birth - so we have to guess their Moon sign based on their demeanor and actions - and there are instances where we don't agree with the Internet's consensus of their Moon Sign.

For example, Alex Jones, the most famous conspiracy theorist ever, is shown to have Aquarius Sun with Libra Moon on several Astrology based sites.

We highly disagree with Alex Jones' Moon being Libra (urge to please others and to calm highly charged situations).  Instead, we believe he was born sometime between 8pm-11:59pm, making him a Scorpio Moon (in this case - urge to infiltrate the dark underbelly of the most powerful secret societies and expose it). Having his Moon in Scorpio shifts his Moon into his First House where his emotions (Moon) are put on display (First House) for all to see.

If you are a Public Figure depicted in one of our collages and would like to be removed, please contact our Support Team at [email protected]


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