Pluto in Gemini

Pluto in Gemini

Gemini, the first Air Sign, is ruled by the planet Mercury which is associated with mental agility, adaptability, communication, language, and writing as well as short trips.  Transportation, specifically related to quick trips by car, bike, walking, or even plane, falls under the rule of Gemini.

Pluto is all about death, rebirth, and, most prominently - transformation.  It takes approximately 12-31 years for Pluto to move through a sign, and as it does, it helps to set the framework for how the world will dramatically transform according to the themes of the Sign it is in.

When Pluto was last in Gemini (1884-1914), some of the most transformative inventions in communication and how we travel came to be.

  • Automobiles, 1885. The first automobile was invented by Karl Benz, forever transforming our day-to-day short-trip travels.
  • Radar, 1887. German, Heinrich Hertz invents radar. Still used today to detect airplanes, read the speed of moving objects, and many other things.
  • Record Players, 1887. Emile Berliner invents the gramophone (record player).
  • Guglielmo Marconi invented the first radio in 1895 and the first wireless telegraph in 1901 – transforming forever (Pluto) the way we communicate through the air (Gemini).
  • Escalators, 1891. Jesse W. Reno invents the escalator. Newer versions are still in use today.
  • Rollercoasters, 1898. Edwin Prescott patents the roller coaster. Provides fun for the Whole Family! Begins amusement parks.
  • Lie Detectors, 1902. The lie detector or the polygraph machine is invented by James Mackenzie.
  • Human flight, 1903. The Wright Brothers’ first flight took place, traveling for 12 seconds and 120 feet. 
  • Helicopters, 1907. The very first piloted helicopter was invented by Paul Cornu. Another revolution in the newly begining flight industry.