Harmony Icons


Harmony Icons

Understanding your compatibility at a glance

Harmony icons give you a quick idea of the level of Harmony you can expect with a person based on the particular metric being used (Birth Order, Enneagram, etc.).


(Click or tap the Harmony icons if you want to read more about the combination of your profiles.)

The icons are roughly based on the ratio of positive interactions to negative interactions you might expect to have with this other person based on the types in question.

There are cases where we divert from this +/- premise and assign an icon based on the fact that your types don't traditionally connect on a level deep enough to keep the relationship stable.

You can always click or tap the icons to see our description for the relationship dynamics for that metric.  And, because we use standard typing techniques, you can find alternative information on the Internet, if you so choose.  


"Serenity Now"

"Serenity Now" represents the rare cases where almost all interactions are positive. Conflicts are minimal to non-existent. While this may seem ideal, it's crucial to maintain a balanced viewpoint and welcome constructive criticisms for continuous growth. Having the highest Harmony between two people isn't necessarily a good thing, humans aren't meant to be stagnant.


"The Sweet Spot"

"The Sweet Spot" suggests a strong leaning towards positive interactions. Conflicts are rare and easily manageable. However, make sure to maintain open lines of communication and encourage differing viewpoints to avoid complacency.


"Healthy Growth"

"Healthy Growth" suggests positive interactions outweighing the negative ones. There may be occasional disagreements or misunderstandings, but overall, you are likely to have a stable relationship with some effort and maturity.



This is where the emotional health and maturity of the individuals becomes more of an issue, due to types being fairly different in energy levels, the way they perceive the world, and a number of other possible factors. The types being compared have less of a chance for long term happiness unless a considerable amount of effort is put toward effective communication, and there is a deep mutual respect for the other's style and differences.  This can be a successful relationship with enough effort, and if physical attraction is high, and DupleDyne Harmony is above 40, we suggest giving this match a go.



Much like "Banter", the emotional intelligence of the individuals involved will determine the fate of the relationship. Due to the differences in temperament and values, this is not an ideal pairing, though it can be successful, given enough effort and compromise.  We suggest you look elsewhere if DupleDyne Harmony is below 30.



This is where we advise serious caution unless other compatibility metrics paint a more harmonious picture.  Be sure to click or tap this icon for your interpersonal compatibility description with this person before proceeding.



The "Nope" icon is reserved for type pairings that are diametrically different.  Unless you enjoy pain or live to argue, we don't suggest pursuing this match.


*Remember, these icons are not definitive judgments but serve as guides in understanding the dynamic of the relationship. They should be used as tools to help enhance interactions rather than dictate them. The actual nature of a relationship depends on a host of factors beyond these metrics, including personal growth, understanding, and most importantly, communication.



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