Ben Baker

Ben's Bio

Ben Baker is the Founder and CEO of Jedi Technologies, Inc., the owner, and operator of MatchMachine.

Prior to starting Jedi, Ben founded Enterprise Network Technologies, an IT Management company in Tucson, AZ at the age of 22.  Ben still runs ENT today.

As the son of an awarded Jungian marriage and family therapist, Ben grew up immersed in, and fascinated by, psychological and astrological principles.

Having studied tropical astrology for over 35 years, Ben has given thousands of readings to friends, family and those he's met through his business connections.

It is Ben's passion to bring these dynamics to the online dating arena and fill the longtime gap of information missing in this space.

Ben holds seven patents in the US and 3 internationally, representing many of the core functions that all online dating sites and apps use today. 

When he’s not toiling away on MatchMachine, he’s in the kitchen trying new recipes, he's or pursuing his years long hobby of Remote Viewing.

Ben is an INTP, an OBOB, a 1w9, and his "Big 3" are Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.


How MatchMachine all started...

Before life took a turn for the IT industry, I was on track to earn my Psy.D from the University of Arizona.  I’ve always had a passion for psychology and philosophy.

As a typical introvert (INTP), I’ve invariably been more of an observer than a participant.  Finding patterns in personalities and relationships has always been somewhat of a lifestyle for me.  (Having Libra Sun conjunct Pluto, Uranus conjunct Mercury, with Moon and Venus in Scorpio can do that to a guy.)

As someone fascinated by what makes people tick, I consider myself lucky to have been the son of an accomplished psychoanalyst and therapist; mom was always there to answer my curiosities as to why people behave the way they do.  (Not many 11-year-olds are taught the basics of mental disorders while running errands around town.)

Why is there Astrology in MatchMachine?

My lifelong fascination with astrology stems from an upbringing where I was able to see it in action right in front of me.

I grew up in a family with statistically unlikely astrological placements – having family members with extremely dominant signs enabled me to recognize astrology as more than pop psychology, or an artifact from the Barnum-Forer Effect.

My father is a “double Gemini”, with Gemini Sun (conjunct Uranus), Gemini Moon, Gemini North Node, and Gemini Venus placements. True to the archetype, he could never sit still or stop talking for 5 minutes, even into old age. While this restlessness served him well as IBM’s 5th highest grossing salesman worldwide in the year I was born, it also epitomized the Gemini nature.

My brother is a “double Aries”, with his Sun (in the 1st house), Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron all in Aries. To this day I’ve never met anyone else with his relentless energy, enthusiasm and ability to bounce back from adversity – classic Aries traits.

Even my daughter is a 'double-Taurus', having Taurus Sun, Moon, and North Node placements – have you ever met a toddler that loves to sleep-in until 10am? (She loves eating in bed as well).

It was through the “luck” of witnessing my family members express their astrological signs so stereotypically that I gained firsthand confirmation of astrology’s validity.

Seeing my family and friends continually display their dominant astrological traits right before my eyes (even though most of them don't have any knowledge or care for astrology) continues to fuel my belief in astrology as a real phenomenon.

My personal experience has compelled me to prove astrology’s worth and help others find love and harmony through its guidance.

While my mother largely influenced my love for psychology, it is astrology’s cosmic mysteries and it's relationship with consciousness, and reality as a whole, that truly captures my imagination and sets me on this professional path.

-Ben Baker, CEO