Dominant Planets

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Dominant Planets

Dominant planets represent deep-seated urges that strain continuously for expression. 

Exploring the dominant planets in your birth chart can be a valuable tool for gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your unique path in life.

The strongest planets in a chart indicate aptitudes that can be cultivated most easily into abilities. The best (most harmonious) planets show the things with which the individual can associate to bring good fortune.

We all have "dominants" in our charts (Planets, Signs & Houses).  MatchMachine's Dominant Planet descriptions are honed to describe those who only have one dominant planet. Some people may have a 2nd and sometimes a 3rd planet with comparable power, but our Dominant Planet descriptions are tailored for those who clearly have only one Dominant Planet.


Determining the Dominance of a Planet

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Several factors are considered in determining the strength of a Planet.

Let's use the Sun as an example.  (Yes, we know the Sun and Moon are not Planets.  Astrologers call them Planets for the sake of brevity).


Essential Dignity

For example, we examine the Sign for which the Sun resides in a Birth Chart to determine its "essential dignity."

Is the Sun in Aries where the Sun is "Exalted"? +Extra Points.  

Or is it in Leo where it is naturally "Ruled" by the Sun?  +Extra Points.

Or is it in "Fall" (Libra) or "Detriment" (Aquarius)?  -Negative Points.


We also examine the positioning and House for where the Sun lands in the birth chart.

Is it conjunct (on top of) the Ascendant or Midheaven?  +Extra Points.

Is it in the 5th House, ruled by Leo and the Sun?  +Extra points.


Our algorithms examine dozens of other elements and eventually arrive at a score.


The Number of Aspects

How many and what kind of Aspects (angles) does the Sun have with other Planets or points in the chart?

Is the Sun aspecting with a conjunction (0 degrees) or Trine (120 degrees) or Sextile (60 degrees) with one of the "benefic" planets (Venus or Jupiter)?  Extra Points.

Or is the Sun harshly aspecting (conjunction, square or opposition) one of the "malefic" planets (Mars or Saturn)?  Negative points.

A final Power score is determined by adding up the points from the various conditions of each Planet in the chart and the Planet with the most points is the Strongest Planet.


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