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Dominant Signs

We all have "dominants" in our charts (Planets, Signs & Houses).  MatchMachine's Dominant Sign descriptions are honed to describe those who only have one dominant Sign. Some people may have a 2nd and sometimes a 3rd Sign with comparable power, but our Dominant Sign descriptions are tailored for those who clearly have only one Dominant Sign.

Determining Factors

Contrary to popular belief, your Dominant Sign may not be the same as your Sun Sign (the Sign that everyone knows about themselves).

MatchMachine determines which of your Signs are most dominant based on a point system that considers several factors present in your Natal Chart.

Your Dominant Sign is determined by various factors, including:

1. Planetary Placements

The placement of the planets in the chart, whether they are in domicile or detriment, retrograde or prograde, and the number of aspects they make with other planets. Additionally, the positioning of the signs in the chart and the number of planets in each Sign, particularly those involving the angular houses (1, 4, 7, 10), also contribute to determining the Dominant Sign.

2. Domicile and Detriment

The concept of domicile and detriment refers to the signs in which planets are considered strong or weak, respectively. If your Dominant Sign aligns with a planet's domicile (the Sign it rules), it can amplify the influence of that Sign in your personality. Conversely, if your Dominant Sign aligns with a planet's detriment (the Sign it finds challenging), it may indicate some contrasting qualities in your dominant traits.

3. Retrograde and Prograde

The motion of planets also affects their influence on your Dominant Sign. Retrograde planets, which appear to move backward in the sky, can intensify their energy and impact on determining your Dominant Sign. Prograde planets, moving in their regular forward motion, may have a more balanced or milder influence.

4. Aspects with Other Planets

The aspects formed between planets in your birth chart can further determine your Dominant Sign. Aspects are angular relationships that indicate how different planets interact with each other. The number and nature of these aspects, such as conjunctions, oppositions, trines, or squares, occurring in a particular sign contribute to the overall strength and prominence of your Dominant Sign.

Revealing Different Traits

It's important to note that the Dominant Sign can reveal completely different personality traits than those typically associated with your Sun Sign.

For instance, a Libra Sun Sign individual is typically described as someone who thrives on social interaction and companionship. However, if their Dominant Sign is Scorpio, they may actively seek out alone time to recharge their batteries and pursue their goals independently; they aren't the extroverted social butterfly that most Librans tend to be, and they may not be as open to compromise as a typical Libran tends to be.

Insight and Understanding

Understanding one's Dominant Sign can offer insight into your personality, interpersonal interactions, and life direction. It helps you move beyond the general traits associated with your Sun Sign and delve into the complexities of your astrological makeup.


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