Middle Borns

a collage of famous middle children

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Middle Borns

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Possibly the entertainer of the family; Diplomatic; Even-tempered;

Peacekeeping, (though sometimes "the trouble-maker");

Loyal to their peer group - having relatively more friends than siblings; Relaxed attitude.


*Note: Middle Borns do not necessarily need to occupy the exact middle spot in the sibling lineup. As long as an individual has an older and a younger sibling, with no more than a four-year age gap on either side, they qualify as a Middle Born. Consequently, families can host multiple middle-born members.

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Middle Born Theory:

Navigating the seas between the privileges of the eldest and the indulgences of the youngest, Middle Borns often adopt the motto, "Life is rarely fair." They may not have been endowed with the leadership mantle bestowed upon the eldest nor given the leniencies extended to the youngest. Yet, these experiences tend to foster resilience, flexibility, and a well-adjusted disposition.

Middle Borns are often shaped by the footprints left by their older siblings, consciously or subconsciously veering away from those imprints to carve their unique paths. They have a knack for diplomacy, adeptly diffusing tension and promoting peace within their circles. Despite their sociable nature, they might be guarded with their emotions and thoughts, preferring to maintain a safe emotional distance to avoid potential embarrassment.

As Middle Borns, they are usually not the spoiled ones, but rather individuals who value relationships and loyalty highly. This understanding of fairness and balance may lead them to become calculated risk-takers. Often, they emerge as the family's neutral ground, assuming the roles of peacemakers and confidants.


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Common effects of being a Middle Born:

• Unpredictability is a trademark characteristic of the Middle Born. Their experiences of both younger and older roles result in an archetype that can be mysterious and challenging to pigeonhole.

• Some Middle Borns may demonstrate a competitive edge, sparked by a desire to dethrone the eldest sibling as "a Challenging 2nd Born". This can lead to a contrarian disposition, where the Middle Born's personality contrasts starkly with the First Born's. For instance, a shy First Born may give rise to an ambitious and sociable Middle Born, while an ambitious and sociable First Born may breed a more laid-back and less assertive Middle sibling.

• Career-wise, Middle Borns can be late bloomers compared to their Firstborn or later-born counterparts. This delay might stem from a desire to establish an identity distinct from the First Born's, leading to deliberate but contrasting career choices.

• Owing to their under-the-radar upbringing, Middle Borns develop a strong sense of loyalty, often seen in their steadfast monogamous relationships. Their unique blend of experiences instills in them the value of loyalty, and they extend this lesson into their adult relationships.

Ultimately, being a Middle Born means navigating a unique path that balances the privileges of the eldest and the indulgences of the youngest. Despite the challenges, they emerge as adaptable, resilient individuals with a strong sense of loyalty and diplomacy.


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Famous Middle Borns depicted below:

Patricia ArquetteTom HiddlestonTyler PerryOlivia WildeBill MurrayBruno Mars

Michael CeraSarah Jessica ParkerJennifer LopezChris HemsworthKenan ThompsonSofia Vergara

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a collage of famous middle children


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