Last and Only

an icon of a person in lotus position denoting romantic harmony between an Only Child and Last Born

Only + Last



An Only with a Last is a promising match. Opposites do attract and work, in Birth Order Theory.

Each needs to recognize and be grateful for what the other has to offer. The Only Born is sensible and conscientious and can help the Last Born in their shortcomings of being disorganized. In return, the Last can inspire the Only to be more creative and lighten up on their ingrained seriousness.

This does not just happen easily. Last Borns are used to having the more boring details of life being handled by someone else and should make sure they’re not being too dependent on the Only, especially if the Only does not display the typical First Born trait of perfectionism.  (Besides, you don’t want your significant other to feel like they’re parenting you).




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Betty Baker M.A. Psych, M.Ed

About the Author

Betty Baker is an awarded marriage and family therapist and contributor to the internationally renowned PeaceBuilders® Program - a science-based, research-validated violence prevention curriculum and professional development program for children, grades pre-K to 12.