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Aries Sun and

Scorpio Moon Tribe

An overview for those with Aries Sun and Scorpio Moon.


Personal integrity; witty; intense; powerful; passionate; highly motivated; persuasive; ambitious; forceful; self-dramatizing; charismatic. 

Combination Theme

Aries blended with Scorpio produces someone with a passion for living with an intense inner drive and energy. You rarely get depressed because of a combination of faith in yourself and a belief in your luck. You are so competent that if you do happen to fail at something, few will give you sympathy, but that is perfectly all right with you. 


Integrity, belief in your own and others' individual worth; relentless; single-mindedness; ambition; courage; determination; capacity for gutsy hard work; ability to push through your ideas and plans against all obstacles. 


Narcissism; self-dramatization; insatiable hunger for applause; determination to put yourself first; impatience and self-assertion which can, unless reined in, become overbearing and ruthless. 


In relationships, you are a full-blooded romantic. Very highly sexed, you are not one for leaving a job half done! With Scorpio Moon, you are a person of intense physical passions who needs to be totally involved and committed in a relationship. You can be intensely faithful or intensely unfaithful, but never indifferent. 
While you desire a companion who will fight for their own causes, you also want to be the heroic champion who saves the defenseless and receives the unshakable dedication you deserve.
Your need for sexual fulfillment is above average. Make sure that you find a partner who is sympathetic to your demanding needs and who is as lively as you are. 
Because of your deep and intense feelings, you may react to some situations with jealousy and possessiveness. Your suspicions may well be unfounded, so be careful how you express them. 


As an Aries Sun Scorpio Moon, your approach to parenting combines the assertive, independent energy of Aries with the intense, perceptive nature of Scorpio.

With your Aries Sun, you possess a bold, assertive, and enthusiastic outlook on life. As a parent, you instill these qualities in your children, encouraging them to be confident, courageous, and to assert themselves. You teach them to pursue their passions, take initiative, and embrace life's adventures. You create an environment that fosters independence, encourages them to take risks, and empowers them to be leaders. However, be mindful of your Aries tendency to be impulsive or impatient. It's important to teach your children the value of patience, self-control, and considering the consequences of their actions.

Your Scorpio Moon intensifies your emotional depth and adds a passionate, determined, and perceptive element to your parenting style. You are deeply committed to your children's emotional well-being and help them navigate their own complex feelings. You teach them the value of resilience, self-discovery, and the power of transformation. Your perceptive nature allows you to connect with their emotions and guide them through challenges. However, watch out for your Scorpio inclination to be overly intense or possessive. It's equally important to allow your children the space to grow, make their own mistakes, and become independent individuals.

With your Aries drive and Scorpio intensity, you guide your children to be assertive, emotionally aware individuals. You instill in them the spirit of confidence, coupled with a deep understanding of emotions and the power of transformation.

Remember, while astrology provides a general framework of your personality traits, the specifics of your parenting style are also influenced by other aspects such as your natal chart, personal experiences, and cultural influences. As an Aries Sun Scorpio Moon, you are a dynamic and perceptive parent, a unique blend that you bring into your parenting, but you're also so much more—a reflection of your personal journey and experiences.

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