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Aries Sun and

Libra Moon Tribe

An overview for those with Aries Sun and Libra Moon.


Forthright; charming; outwardly confident but inwardly indecisive; gregarious; hospitable; amorous; chivalrous; idealistic; intellectually precocious; self-centered but kindhearted; flip-flopping. 

Combination Theme

You were born on a full moon, giving you the lifelong task of stitching two opposing themes together. For Aries Sun/Libra Moon people, the two themes are Independence (Aries Sun) and Dependence (Libra Moon). Aries wants to lead alone, to be first, and cares little about what other people think, while Libra wants to cooperate, involve others and be the dutiful diplomat that almost every social situation needs. You're undoubtedly the most empathetic and socially minded of the tribe of Aries. 


Jovial sociability and charming generosity; idealism and hopefulness; sensitivity to others; capacity to inspire optimism; artistic imagination and talents; ability to be exactly who you are in close relationships. 


Tendency to hesitate; to think great guns and then fizzle out; to let frustration eat up your confidence; to permit your need for appreciation to fuel your vanity rather than your creativity, and to rest on your laurels when you should be making strides. 


Romantic and devoted by nature, you tend to be quite a flirt and experimental in your youth. Unlike most other Aries Suns, you prefer lighthearted, yet stimulating and cordial social situations. Your fundamental naivety and lightheartedness may attract those with emotional heaviness or complexity that perplex you and make you flee. You may feel self-conscious when confronted with negative feelings, preferring to emphasize the nice and the heroic. You want adventure, but your unique blend of energy often attracts others living with harsh emotional problems that are too extreme for you to deal with on a day-to-day basis. 
Your emotional nature is strongly challenged by the idea of a mature relationship because your Arien goal of independence and your Libran instinct for dependence and cooperation have to be worked out, balanced, and affirmed in order for you to be truly happy with yourself. The more aware you are of just how much you invest in being accepted, even adored, by others, the more you will be able to minimize the roller-coaster quality of your emotional life. 
Your Libran Moon sign makes you diplomatic, far more tactful, less hasty, and considerably less selfish than most of the Aries tribe. Libran Moon people are not deeply emotional people. Libra energy is masculine, logical, and somewhat of a cold place to have your Moon. Thankfully, Aries Sun helps to make up for the difference by providing warmth and sexual passion to the party. 


As an Aries Sun Libra Moon, your approach to parenting combines the assertive, independent energy of Aries with the balanced, diplomatic nature of Libra.

With your Aries Sun, you possess a bold, assertive, and enthusiastic outlook on life. As a parent, you instill these qualities in your children, encouraging them to be confident, courageous, and to assert themselves. You teach them to pursue their passions, take initiative, and embrace life's adventures. You create an environment that fosters independence, encourages them to take risks, and empowers them to be leaders. However, be mindful of your Aries tendency to be impulsive or impatient. It's important to teach your children the value of patience, self-control, and considering the consequences of their actions.

Your Libra Moon brings a sense of balance, harmony, and diplomacy to your parenting style. You emphasize the importance of fairness, cooperation, and maintaining harmonious relationships. You teach your children the value of compromise, communication, and seeking peaceful resolutions. You create a home environment that encourages open dialogue, respect for different perspectives, and collaboration. However, be cautious of your Libra inclination to avoid conflict or become indecisive. It's equally important to teach your children assertiveness and the ability to make independent choices.

With your Aries drive and Libra diplomacy, you guide your children to be assertive, harmonious individuals. You instill in them the spirit of confidence, coupled with a strong sense of fairness and cooperation.


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