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Aries Sun and

Cancer Moon Tribe

An overview for those with Aries Sun and Cancer Moon.


Artistic temperament; rich imagination; indirect self-assertion; volatile; sensitive; protective; temperamental; self-centered; strongly individualistic; clannish; responsible; devoted; romantic. 

Combination Theme

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign blends the determined and aggressive traits of Aries, with the sensitivity, sympathy, and intuition of Cancer. This combination is something of a mismatch because the Aries part is restless, driven, and fearless, but the Cancer part is careful, cautious and security-driven. Your intellectual powers are strong and you have an intuitive handle on people and situations. You are self-centered rather than selfish. Though you wouldn't deliberately hurt anyone, you occasionally do so without knowing you are doing so. 


Charisma; an uncanny knack for catching the imagination of your audience; the ability to bring your sense of the past into your visionary plans for the future; the immediacy and enthusiasm of your personal involvement in projects and relationships; your distinctive theatrical manner and poetic sensibility. 


Difficulty in handling personal criticism; a conflict between needing to belong and needing to be different; over-sensitivity and tendency to be emotionally defensive, which results in moodiness and a basic instability that undermines your best talents and achievements. 


You often think of yourself as independent, daring and original, but more than most other Aries, you desire someone who can satisfy your emotional needs. You may idealize the romantic chase but end up with someone decidedly like your mother. If you explore your emotional patterns, you will discover just how much of your life is conditioned by your feeling responses. If you dig deeper, you can discover that early interactions are the basis of emotional patterns like brooding and vindictive overreaction. 

You are independent and dependent at the same time. With too much solitude, you easily get restless, and depressed and your outlook can become warped. You need a close, loving relationship and domestic security in order for your talents to truly flower. And when they do, your charm, humor, and theatrical flair will pour irresistibly from your lips, because you are your own best publicity when you are at your best. 

You have the high, fiery passion of Aries plus the sensual, caring, and tender expression of love typical of Cancer. This is a pretty stunning combination, but you may find that you sometimes smother your partners with affection. Try not to be too sensitive, sentimental, or nostalgic. 


As an Aries Sun Cancer Moon, your approach to parenting combines the assertive, independent energy of Aries with the nurturing, sensitive nature of Cancer.

With your Aries Sun, you possess a bold, assertive, and enthusiastic outlook on life. As a parent, you instill these qualities in your children, encouraging them to be confident, courageous, and to assert themselves. You teach them to pursue their passions, take initiative, and embrace life's adventures. You create an environment that fosters independence, encourages them to take risks, and empowers them to be leaders. However, be mindful of your Aries tendency to be impulsive or impatient. It's important to teach your children the value of patience, self-control, and considering the consequences of their actions.

Your Cancer Moon brings a nurturing, sensitive, and empathetic touch to your parenting style. You have a deep understanding of your children's emotions and needs, and you provide a safe and loving space for them to express themselves. You teach them the importance of family, loyalty, and emotional connection. Your nurturing nature ensures their well-being and helps them feel secure. However, watch out for your Cancer inclination to be overly protective or clingy. It's equally important to encourage their independence, teach them resilience, and allow them room for self-discovery.

With your Aries drive and Cancer sensitivity, you guide your children to be assertive, emotionally aware individuals. You instill in them the spirit of confidence, coupled with a deep understanding of emotions and the importance of nurturing relationships.

Famous Aries Sun Cancer Moon People Depicted Above:

Ricky Schroder, Big Sean, Rick Moranis, Daisy Ridley, Aretha Franklin, Leonard Nimoy

Mariah Carey, Reggie Watts, Emma Thompson, Heath Ledger, Angus Young, Taran Killam

Cole Hauser, Martin Short, Natasha Lyonne, Sadio Mané, Bill Bellamy, Dennis Quaid


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