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Taurus Sun and

Capricorn Moon Tribe

 An Overview for those with Taurus Sun and Capricorn Moon.


Shrewd pragmatist; dignified; authoritarian; dependable; down-to-earth; ambitious; logical; sensual; loyal; loving; protective; realistic; determined; resourceful; need for security; traditional; formal; staunch friend; the boss. 

Combination Theme

Double Earth! With Taurus Sun and Capricorn Moon as your combination, only a few others in the Zodiac can claim to be as emotionally stable and practical as you. There’s little about you that is frivolous or whimsical, and we bet that you don’t give much weight to Astrology or anything that can’t be proven with black and white clarity. 
Your main focus is on security, both in an emotional and material sense. It’s almost as though you can’t begin to relax until you feel you’re in complete control of all areas of life. You’re as dependable and durable as they come. People look to you in times of crisis because of your ability to handle responsibility and your down-to-earth approach to organization and solving problems. 


Practical, earthy instincts; a high sense of integrity and dependability; shrewd business sense and organizational savvy; affectionate loyalty and paternal concern for those in need. 


A tendency to be overly materialistic and rational, pig-headed and dictatorial; an over-emphasis on security and fixed routines; a tendency to see and honor only what you know. 


You bloom in a happy, secure, devoted relationship. Somewhat possessive and stubborn, you know what you want and can be pretty demanding. Once committed to someone, you are loving and affectionate though you are one of the staunchest of partners. Your needs are straightforward: lots of physical affection, absolute faithfulness, and mutual respect. 
You do not enjoy emotional complexities - although, whatever the problem, you do not give up easily on relationships. You may become exhausted, angry, and frustrated, yet you persist in your pursuit of happiness and stability as you may adhere to an archaic sense of honor.  
Family life is extremely important to you, and you take your responsibilities seriously. You must learn to balance the demands of your job interests with the needs of your family. You do not easily forget wrongs, but kindnesses you always remember. You always strive to be the best version of yourself - morally, artistically, and financially. 
Capricorn is a cool, unemotional sign, so some of your Sun-Taurean passion is probably stifled by your stiff Capricorn Moon. Capricorn is, however, also a typically faithful sign, and therefore complements your more noble Taurean qualities excellently. 


As a Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon, your approach to parenting combines the grounded, sensual energy of Taurus with the disciplined, pragmatic nature of Capricorn.

With your Taurus Sun, you possess a practical, reliable, and nurturing outlook on life. As a parent, you prioritize stability, comfort, and security for your children. You create a warm and loving home environment where they feel safe and supported. You provide them with a sense of stability and routine, and you teach them the value of hard work, patience, and perseverance. Your nurturing nature ensures their physical and emotional well-being, and you strive to fulfill their material needs. However, be cautious of your Taurus inclination to be possessive or resistant to change. It's equally important to encourage their independence, foster their individuality, and help them embrace new experiences.

Your Capricorn Moon adds a disciplined, practical, and goal-oriented touch to your parenting style. You emphasize the importance of structure, responsibility, and setting long-term goals. You teach your children the value of determination, self-discipline, and the rewards of hard work. You provide guidance and mentorship, encouraging them to develop their talents and skills. Your steady and reliable nature fosters their sense of security and confidence. However, be mindful of your Capricorn tendency to be overly serious or work-focused. It's equally important to create a balance and allow your children to enjoy life, fostering their creativity, and teaching them to find joy in their accomplishments.

With your Taurus grounding and Capricorn discipline, you guide your children to be grounded, responsible individuals. You instill in them the spirit of stability, coupled with a strong work ethic and a desire to achieve their goals.



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Jonathan JacksonDwayne JohnsonGeorge ClooneyCherLuke BraceySophie Cookson

Jimmy StewartHank GreenAndre the GiantDavid BeckhamMelania TrumpMichael Moore


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