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Taurus Sun and

Taurus Moon Tribe

 An Overview for those with Taurus Sun and Taurus Moon.


Sensuality v. self-control; love of nature; practical; supportive; seeking certainties; slow and steady; deep calm vs. explosive anger; good business sense; natural counselor; dry, mischievous humor; dictatorial; possessive; unflappable. 

Combination Theme

Double Taurus!! 

With Taurus Sun and Moon, you’re the embodiment of emotional stability, calm, patience, and practicality, with unmatched physical and mental endurance. 

Taurus is slow-and-steady energy. You’re more of a marathon runner than a sprinter. Unless your rising sign is highly energetic, you’re likely famous for your ability to sleep and nap (and probably love to eat in bed). It takes a while for you to rev up your engine, but there’s no stopping your momentum from crossing the finish line once you get going. Inertia is your soulmate. 

Mentally, you aren’t one to jump to conclusions. All of your Taurus energy gives you an incredible abundance of practical common sense and the stamina to work through complex thoughts to their logical end. Once you finally come to your well-thought-out conclusions, it’s nearly impossible for you to change your mind. 

Financial security is the main driver for you because your happiness depends upon it more than most people. You don’t necessarily seek fame (that’s not your style), but most of your Tribe welcome having a sense of power as you certainly are one to take on more responsibilities than most others. Ultimately, you just want to create a life where you and your loved ones are happy, well-fed, and well prepared to take on life’s challenges. 


Kind, calm, supportive approach; logical mind; endurance; realism and practical skills; ability to call a spade a spade, and to bring a sense of order, stability, certainty, and security to your world. 


Lack of contact with your own anger can erupt directly or indirectly as passionate hatred; possessiveness; lack of imagination; rigidity and stubbornness; intolerance of those with whom you disagree. 


As a strong earthy, sensual type, sex is likely to play an important part in your relationships, yet you are not inclined to play the field. On the contrary, you tend to be faithful, for what you want in relationships is security, stability, and, as in all things, certainty. 
You can offer total dedication and loyalty, but you will expect the same in return. You expect to possess your mate and to be possessed for always. Once this is agreed upon, you become a living demonstration that true love and devotion are centered in the Will rather than the heart.

Yet, for all your love of stability, there is one big exception to this picture: you find yourself being drawn magnetically, and irrationally toward strong Fire types. The unrestrained imagination and intuition of Fire types, as well as their daring to venture into the unknown without consulting a map or checking supplies, can magnetically draw you into them. 

You can be a wonderfully responsive Taurean lover, as long as you consciously check what may amount to a fatal flaw of being possessive. You could, without thinking, make life claustrophobic for your lover. If you are accused of this, you must take the reprimand seriously. 


As a Taurus Sun Taurus Moon, your approach to parenting is characterized by a strong sense of stability, reliability, and practicality.

With your Taurus Sun, you possess a practical, reliable, and nurturing outlook on life. As a parent, you prioritize stability, comfort, and security for your children. You create a warm and loving home environment where they feel safe and supported. You provide them with a sense of stability and routine, and you teach them the value of hard work, patience, and perseverance. Your nurturing nature ensures their physical and emotional well-being, and you strive to fulfill their material needs. Your consistent and dependable presence makes them feel secure and cared for. However, be cautious of your Taurus inclination to be possessive or resistant to change. It's equally important to encourage their independence, foster their individuality, and allow them the freedom to explore and grow.

With your Taurus Moon, you possess an even stronger emphasis on stability and a deep connection to the physical world. You have a practical and down-to-earth approach to parenting, focusing on the tangible needs and comforts of your children. You are attuned to their physical well-being and ensure that their basic needs are met. Your nurturing nature extends to creating a peaceful and harmonious home environment, filled with comforting routines and a sense of security. However, be mindful of your Taurus inclination to be stubborn or resistant to change. It's equally important to teach your children adaptability and flexibility, as well as the importance of embracing new experiences.

With both your Taurus Sun and Taurus Moon, you provide a solid foundation for your children, ensuring their physical, emotional, and material needs are met. You guide them to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and the value of stability. Your presence is steady and reliable, creating a sense of security and comfort for your children.


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