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Cancer Sun and

Pisces Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Cancer Sun and Pisces Moon.


Affable; funny; loveable; kind-hearted; psychic; slippery and secretive; sensitive; whimsical; romantic imagination; charitable and compassionate; go with the flow; popular; dreamy; intuitive; poetic; musical.

Combination Theme

You’re the most sympathizing, tenderhearted and sensitive of all Cancer Sun Signs. You are so agreeable, pleasant and affable that it's hard to know where you stand. You’re authentically concerned about the welfare of others and may over-empathize with those in pain to the point that you may develop or adopt these very pains, both physical and mental. This combination is very feminine energy in essence. Men may find their sensitivities as weakness and in an effort to protect themselves, they may feign an aggressive persona. Women, on the other hand, may play an excessively feminine role to get what they want.


Uncanny insight into people's motives; willingness to give your time, energy and warmth to those in need; artistic sensitivity and appreciation for the intangible realm of emotions and images; excellent memory and quick learner; adaptability and diplomacy in the face of almost any difficulty.


Shyness and suspicion of others' motives; a propensity to daydream and to put people on pedestals; a tendency to wallow in self-doubt instead of kicking into gear when you have an artistic inspiration; a rather exaggerated fear of being wounded or duped, which might keep you isolated and keep genuine effort for relationships at bay.


You have enormous love and warmth to give, but you are cautious about exposing yourself. Once you feel secure, loved and appreciated, you overcome your shyness and can literally flood your loved one with devotion and affection. Terrifically romantic and idealistic, you may have to be careful about your tendency of self-deception. 

Your open heart will always invite others to share their burdens with you, and your gift for protecting and consoling others may lead you to a career in counseling or health care. In any case, people come to you for advice and a sounding board for their ideas because of your approachable, compassionate demeanor.

If you get caught up with a partner who does not allow you the freedom to develop your potential and use your vivid imagination, think again and move on.  A strong, Earthy Sun Sign partner (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) could be very beneficial to you and take some of the strain, should an area of your life fall under pressure.

Your lovers should appreciate the passionate, even lyrical aspect of you that colors your expressions of sex and love. Do be cautious not to fool yourself while you are in love by thinking that every companion is perfect and the answer to all of your everyday issues since Pisces energy is one of illusion and misunderstanding.


As a Cancer Sun Pisces Moon, your approach to parenting combines the nurturing, sensitive energy of Cancer with the dreamy, compassionate nature of Pisces.

With your Cancer Sun, you possess a nurturing, empathetic, and family-oriented outlook on life. As a parent, you prioritize creating a loving and secure environment for your children. You have a deep emotional connection with them, and you provide a safe space for them to express their feelings. Your natural instinct is to protect and care for them, and you offer unconditional love and support. Your nurturing nature ensures their physical and emotional well-being, and you create a sense of belonging and emotional security in the family. You teach them the importance of family values, traditions, and the power of emotional connection. However, be mindful of your Cancer inclination to be overly protective or possessive. It's equally important to allow your children space to explore their own identities and make their own choices.

Your Pisces Moon adds a dreamy, compassionate, and intuitive touch to your parenting style. You have a deep understanding of your children's emotions and needs, and you provide them with emotional support and guidance. Your intuition allows you to sense their moods and emotions, and you navigate through their emotional journey with empathy and compassion. You encourage their creativity and imagination, fostering their artistic and spiritual development. Your compassionate nature extends beyond your family, as you teach your children the importance of kindness, empathy, and helping others. However, watch out for your Pisces inclination to be overly idealistic or prone to escapism. It's equally important to help your children develop practical skills and a sense of reality.

With your Cancer nurturing and Pisces compassion, you guide your children to be emotionally connected, empathetic individuals. You instill in them the spirit of emotional intelligence, coupled with a sense of compassion and understanding for others.

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