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Cancer Sun and

Capricorn Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon.


Gentle disciplinarian; capable and caring; tenacious; shrewd; responsible; considerate; patient; introvert; reflective; authoritative; maternal; a sense of humor; dutiful; strong family person; professional; perceptive.

Combination Theme

You were born on a full moon (the Sun and Moon opposed each other in the sky at the time of birth), giving you the lifelong task of stitching two opposing themes together. Cancer Sun focuses on home and private family life while Capricorn is concerned with reputation and public standing. Your Cancer Sun is naturally understanding and affectionate, lessening the emotional unavailability of Capricorn Moon. You know how to drive a hard bargain with a smile on your face, and you have a keen sense for understanding people and instinctively sensing their motives.


Intuitive, shrewd mind; an innate sense of responsibility and concern for others; good business sense; organizational abilities; a sense of economy; gentle diplomacy and patience; the instinct for leadership; firm but tender parenting; hard-headed but soft-hearted benevolence.


Your need to be needed; over-sensitivity to heated situations; tendency to close off from others when you feel slighted; a somewhat insatiable desire for love and recognition; your need for authority and control.


You thrive in a secure partnership where you can share your enjoyment of intimacy, affection and home-making. Although you are romantic, you value security and continuity, and you are not interested in fast-paced, highly-charged relationships. You need time and trust in order to blossom, and peace and quiet with your loved one in order to develop your best qualities as a lover, a parent, or a friend. You can be over-sensitive and cautious, and if you err, it is usually through over-nurturing and protecting. While you require a certain amount of independence in a relationship, you are happiest when you know that someone is at home waiting for you. Besides much tenderness, you require from your mate admiration and respect - and a promise of undying loyalty.

While Cancerian warmth and tenderness will color your attitude toward your partners, your first reaction when approached by a prospective lover could be slightly cool. They may well have to break through that initial chilliness and perhaps get past the self-defensive Cancerian protective shell that could easily manifest itself if you begin to feel vulnerable or insecure. But your lover, having gained your confidence, does have someone very special, as you are more than likely to remain faithful for the long haul.


As a Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon, your approach to parenting combines the nurturing, sensitive energy of Cancer with the disciplined, responsible nature of Capricorn.

With your Cancer Sun, you possess a nurturing, empathetic, and family-oriented outlook on life. As a parent, you prioritize creating a loving and secure environment for your children. You have a deep emotional connection with them, and you provide a safe space for them to express their feelings. Your natural instinct is to protect and care for them, and you offer unconditional love and support. Your nurturing nature ensures their physical and emotional well-being, and you create a sense of belonging and emotional security in the family. You teach them the importance of family values, traditions, and the power of emotional connection. However, be mindful of your Cancer inclination to be overly protective or possessive. It's equally important to allow your children space to explore their own identities and make their own choices.

Your Capricorn Moon adds a disciplined, responsible, and ambitious touch to your parenting style. You instill in your children a strong work ethic and the value of responsibility. You teach them the importance of setting goals, working diligently, and persevering through challenges. Your practical nature helps them develop practical skills and a sense of structure. You encourage them to take accountability for their actions and make thoughtful choices. Your disciplined approach sets an example for them to follow, and you guide them in developing a strong sense of self-discipline. However, watch out for your Capricorn inclination to be overly strict or rigid. It's equally important to balance discipline with emotional support and allow them space for creativity and self-expression.

With your Cancer nurturing and Capricorn discipline, you guide your children to be emotionally connected, responsible individuals. You instill in them the spirit of emotional intelligence, coupled with a strong sense of determination and the ability to achieve their goals.

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