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Cancer Sun and

Libra Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Cancer Sun and Libra Moon.


Social awareness; graciousness and charm; elegant simplicity; popular appeal; over-sensitivity; observant; perceptive; keen student; timid, but eager for attention; romantic; kind-hearted; artistic style; adaptable but strong; defensive but devoted; idealistic and emotional; perfectionist; indecisive.

Combination Theme

In public situations, you don’t reveal much of yourself, being a touch introverted. As with most Cancerians, you are afraid of your own emotions, afraid of being hurt, of being fooled. You have an innate ability to see the true strengths and flaws of others because focusing on the human condition is your forte. Cancer is THE most emotional sign and Libra is one of the most analytical and emotionally barren signs.  It’s when the traditional functions of the positions of the Moon (emotions) and Sun (Ego) are flip-flopped we have an interesting situation.  

Cancer/Libras understand the human condition more than most. They’re the keenest observers. It’s as though they’re third-party bystanders watching a play of their life unfold before them.

Libra Moon offers a clear picture of the “here and now” under the backdrop of Cancer Sun’s day-to-day emotional rollercoaster. Libra offers emotional detachment (and relief) from the emotional Cancer grind.


An innate sense of justice; remarkable memory (possibly photographic); artistic imagination; fine intellect; powers of observation and articulate self-expression; compassion and concern for the welfare of others; love of beauty and harmony; highly original style; scrupulous efforts to be fair and honest with everyone.


Nervous defensiveness and mistrust of others; a perfectionist attitude that makes you nag and complain when things are not "right;" tendency to unwittingly stir up trivial arguments that become storms in a tea cup; proneness to rationalize away all your dependency on others and your idiosyncrasies and self-protectiveness.


Your relationships are your greatest challenge, for you want them, and yet they never turn out quite as you had imagined. Your mixture of heart and mind can either make for rich and rewarding relationships or for a split between what you feel you need and what you think should be happening. You can never quite decide what your role in relationships is - do you want to be adored and petted; are you the devoted, parental partner, or are you an equal who is looking for courtly romance and mutual respect based on intellectual affinity? This dilemma gives you a kind of divine discontent when it comes to commitment and a proneness to nit-pick when indecision and dissatisfaction get the better of you. And if you stay too much on the surface of this dilemma, you are liable to emotionally manipulate emotionally those you love and end up brooding, lonely, and mistrustful.

When you can understand your different needs, you can direct your analytical talents to yourself and see that it is okay to be needy and friendly, emotional and intellectual, self-protective and outgoing. Once your caginess softens, you become a compassionate, affectionate, considerate mate - but one who will always need plenty of space for other friends and opportunities.

A natural indecisiveness may make committing yourself more difficult for you than for many people. Once that commitment has been made; however, your Cancerian need for home and family life will be satisfied, and you will become a wonderful, loving partner and traditional values will be expressed in whatever it is you buy, do or love.

You have a strong inclination toward romance, and this does a great deal to enhance both your love and sex life. There is an air of calm and serenity about you - but this will not inhibit passionate Cancerian emotion.


As a Cancer Sun Libra Moon, your approach to parenting combines the nurturing, sensitive energy of Cancer with the harmonious, diplomatic nature of Libra.

With your Cancer Sun, you possess a nurturing, empathetic, and family-oriented outlook on life. As a parent, you prioritize creating a loving and secure environment for your children. You have a deep emotional connection with them, and you provide a safe space for them to express their feelings. Your natural instinct is to protect and care for them, and you offer unconditional love and support. Your nurturing nature ensures their physical and emotional well-being, and you create a sense of belonging and emotional security in the family. You teach them the importance of family values, traditions, and the power of emotional connection. However, be mindful of your Cancer inclination to be overly protective or possessive. It's equally important to allow your children space to explore their own identities and make their own choices.

Your Libra Moon adds a harmonious, diplomatic, and relationship-oriented touch to your parenting style. You value fairness, cooperation, and balance in your interactions with your children. You strive to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in the family. Your diplomatic nature helps you resolve conflicts and find compromises. You teach your children the importance of empathy, understanding, and the art of compromise. You encourage them to develop their social skills, form healthy relationships, and appreciate beauty and aesthetics. Your balanced approach ensures that your children feel heard, respected, and valued. However, watch out for your Libra inclination to be indecisive or conflict-avoidant. It's equally important to teach them assertiveness and the ability to make independent choices.

With your Cancer nurturing and Libra harmony, you guide your children to be emotionally connected, balanced individuals. You instill in them the spirit of emotional intelligence, coupled with a sense of fairness and the ability to navigate relationships with grace.


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