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Leo Sun and

Pisces Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Leo Sun and Pisces Moon.


Modest yet proud; great integrity; compassionate and concerned; poetic imagination; one who can feel poetry and understand philosophy; eccentric; warm friendliness; highly emotional; strongly devotional and idealistic; enthusiastic; extravagant; creative inner world.

Combination Theme

Leo and Pisces are two distinctly different energies that don’t blend particularly well. Because of this, you tend to fluctuate like a flip-switch, between the two energies and their inherent expressions.

We all know Leo is prideful and confident, but more importantly, Leo inherently seeks to detach from “the herd” in order to lead it. In order to detach and lead, Leo needs to charm and inspire passion in those willing to follow her/him.

Pisces energy, on the other hand, is a hermetic energy and the most connected to “the herd” and its overall vibration.  Pisces is the last Sign of the Zodiac and the most connected to a deeper plane of intuition for how people and situations feel. All people with lots of Water in their charts have a particular experience with the emotional ebbs and flows of life, but Pisces has an ability to see all sides and aspects of an emotional situation, all the pains and joys, and possibilities at once.  The problem is that Pisces energy tends to make its natives more impressionable to others' opinions. Because of your Pisces Moon, and its magnetism, you tend to take on traits of those around you. This is nearly the OPPOSITE of the detach-and-lead Leo Sun energy style of expression.

You’re in a difficult spot (having to stitch the odd-couple energies of your Sun and Moon together all life-long), but you do have the capacity to move mountains where ever life leads you. No matter what you do, you undoubtedly will inspire others with your creativity, tender love and wisdom.


Rich, artistic imagination; a theatrical sense of both the beauty and tragedy of life; emotional sensitivity and generous, caring qualities; commitment to your individual ideals and morals; openness to life - whatever it may bring.


Subjectivity; moodiness; proneness to dejection; tendency to over-dramatize your life with you playing the victim; a kind of divine discontent in romantic affairs that keeps you emotionally unsettled, wondering if you will ever be really happy.


Compassionate love is central to your way of being. Intensely charismatic and emotionally available, you literally pour your heart and soul into your personal interests, your career, and your relationships.

At heart, you are a total romantic and also a dreamer, and you may give your all for someone who turns out to be not what you think. Your desire both to dominate and be dominated can make for some tension. You may also find the more humdrum aspects of human relationships a bit of a treadmill, and if you do, you can withdraw into your own world or wander off to greener pastures.

You can never feign what you really feel, and that can cause you some anguish as you hate the idea of hurting anyone. As well as needing lots of affection, you also need to be understood, but this is unlikely to happen. Once you accept this, your emotional life will become more satisfying.

You have a very powerful emotional energy that you may, to an extent, express toward humanitarian causes and in the relief of suffering, but it will mostly be directed toward your partner. You are capable of a really grand passion, reaching heights of happiness and the depths of despair.

There is a great dramatic sense in your attitude toward your lover - this is present in most Sun sign Leos and in your case, is made even more colorful by your Piscean Moon. You will be very sensitive to your partner's needs. Learn to be open about your own needs since you know the things that give you pleasure, and you should not hold back.


As a Leo Sun Pisces Moon, your approach to parenting combines the confident, expressive energy of Leo with the compassionate, imaginative nature of Pisces.

With your Leo Sun, you possess a confident, charismatic, and enthusiastic outlook on life. As a parent, you bring a vibrant energy and a zest for life to your children's upbringing. You inspire them to shine, encouraging them to express themselves creatively and embrace their unique talents. Your natural leadership qualities and charisma create a sense of excitement and motivation within the family. You teach your children the importance of self-expression, self-confidence, and embracing their individuality. Your warm and generous nature fosters a sense of pride and encourages them to pursue their passions wholeheartedly.

Having a Pisces Moon adds a compassionate, empathetic, and imaginative touch to your parenting style. You possess a deep emotional sensitivity and a keen intuition, allowing you to connect with your children on a profound level. You understand their emotions, even when they struggle to express them. Your nurturing instincts create a safe and loving environment where your children can explore their dreams and imagination. You encourage their creativity and help them develop a rich inner world. Your compassionate nature teaches them empathy, kindness, and the importance of emotional connection with others.

However, be mindful of the tendency to be overly idealistic or prone to escapism due to your Pisces Moon. It's important to balance your imaginative nature with a sense of practicality and provide guidance to your children in navigating the realities of life.

With your Leo confidence and Pisces compassion, you guide your children to be self-assured, empathetic individuals. You instill in them the spirit of emotional intelligence, coupled with a sense of creativity and a belief in their own unique gifts.


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