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Virgo Sun and

Virgo Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Virgo Sun and Virgo Moon.


Identifies with work; perfectionist; utilitarian; analytical; precise; desire to synthesize knowledge and use it; self-critical; often shy; helpful; kind-hearted; industrious; efficient; worried; sculpted personality; concerned and conscientious; thoughtful; attention to details.

Combination Theme

You are dominated by your intellectual interests, loyal and sentimental rather than romantic. You can be extremely critical when your sense of good taste is offended. You are conventional; an innate dislike of offending society keeps you on course in this regard.


Modest and conscientious nature; dedication to service; quiet, studious attention to detail and technique; observant, analytical mind and powers of discrimination; ability to be truly impartial and to be a practical idealist.


A tendency to let high standards turn you into a finicky fault-finder; self-conscious worrying which depletes your confidence and your capacity for enjoyment; allowing your criticisms to become too sharp and destructive - a sign that you have let your feelings go underground and have become too much of a "Karen". You definitely need to do something frivolous once in a while!


You are sentimental, kind-hearted and devoted to those close to you, and you hate to think you have offended anyone in the least. Tending to be conventional and discreet in the expression of love, your motto is "actions speak louder than words"; you show your devotion through service and unfailing loyalty. You may be an exceptional cook and a home-improver with exquisite taste. Good health habits are also important to you, and you can wax lyrical on the virtues of trace elements in your diet as though you had discovered a new elixir of life.

Your heart is as pure as driven snow, yet if you feel unappreciated or injured, you become frigid and overly cautious. You are unlikely to be attracted to someone you do not respect intellectually and may find yourself involved in an unsatisfactory relationship for a long time. This is due to your love of moral beauty, and the fact that as long as you are helping someone, you are vindicating yourself as the superior party and not having to address your inner feelings of inferiority; and it is also partly due to the difficulty you find in breaking an established routine.

Your Sun and Moon signs are not very highly charged with emotion, so when you are in love, you could be a little apprehensive about expressing your feelings. Remember that you are good with words, and do not be afraid to say what you feel. Take your time - nervousness can make you overly talkative. Do not allow yourself to be rushed into a relationship, but do not make excuses, either, in order to avoid committing yourself. One area in which you should hold back is in being critical of your partners. Try to accept them for what they are.


As a Virgo Sun Virgo Moon, your approach to parenting combines the practical, analytical energy of Virgo with an added emphasis on detail, organization, and perfectionism.

With your Virgo Sun, you possess a practical, detail-oriented, and service-oriented outlook on life. As a parent, you bring a sense of organization, structure, and efficiency to your children's upbringing. You value discipline, routine, and practicality. You teach your children the importance of responsibility, self-improvement, and attention to detail. Your analytical nature allows you to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and you guide them towards personal growth and development. Your practicality helps them navigate the challenges of life with a grounded and practical approach.

Having a Virgo Moon intensifies your Virgo qualities, as you have an even greater emphasis on order, precision, and perfectionism. You have high standards for yourself and your children, seeking to create a well-organized and flawlessly executed family environment. You pay attention to the smallest details, ensuring everything is in its proper place and functions efficiently. Your Virgo Moon fosters a sense of responsibility and an understanding of the importance of self-care and personal hygiene. You teach your children the value of hard work, discipline, and a meticulous approach to their endeavors.

However, be mindful of the tendency to be overly critical or excessively focused on perfection due to your Virgo Moon. It's important to balance your attention to detail with the understanding that mistakes and imperfections are a natural part of growth and development.

With your Virgo practicality and Virgo perfectionism, you guide your children to be responsible, conscientious individuals. You instill in them the spirit of emotional intelligence, coupled with a sense of discipline and the ability to strive for excellence in their pursuits.

Famous Virgo Sun Virgo Moon People Depicted Above:

Xavier Woods, Lance Armstrong, Shaun White, Rosie Perez, Ryan Guzman, Lili Reinhart,

2 Chainz, B.B. King, Jada Pinkett Smith, Blake Lively, Rachael Ray, Ricki Lake,

Sean Connery, Sanaa Lathan, Gene Simmons, Mark Harmon, Lyndon Johnson


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