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Virgo Sun and

Cancer Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Virgo Sun and Cancer Moon.


Mind v. emotions; sensitivity and practicality; shy yet sociable; self-repressed but observant; kind-hearted and supportive; intuitive and quick-thinking; nervous and defensive; conscientious; picky about nourishment; devoted; sentimental; principled but flexible.

Combination Theme

You’re the tender-hearted version of the Virgo Sun Tribe.

Virgo is a nervous energy; it’s very much “here-and-now” and pays attention to everything. Virgos are the ones who pay their bills on time, they plan and organize, they deal with the mundane day-to-day details of daily life. Virgo is all about the details, in fact you very often wonder why few others in your social circles don’t see the things you see and or remember the things you remember, for these important things, which are completely oblivious to others, are OBVIOUS and glaring to you and burned into your brain.

Cancer energy, though, is the energy most connected to emotions - those with significant amounts of Cancer in their charts (like you having it as your Moon) are incredibly aware of their feelings along with everyone else’s. Cancer is not concerned with details, but rather its “gut feeling” about a situation as it feels the truth about the issue.

Combine the two and we have you - a wonderfully balanced mix of practicality and empathy. You’re the mom or dad that everyone wants. When tackling a situation/problem, you simultaneously feel out the “Big Picture” and see and plan for the details.

Above all, you’re nurturing and are the glue that keeps the place intact. You cognitively and instinctively know what everyone wants and needs and you’re willing to serve those you dearly love.


Deep concern for the welfare and needs of others; empirical turn of mind which is enriched by intuition and imagination; adaptability and pragmatic helpfulness; quiet generosity; warmth and loyalty to family and friends.


Proneness to criticism and complaining; to rationalize away your own idiosyncrasies; to cut off from others when you feel misunderstood; to get stuck in old habits, suspicious attitudes and energy-depleting self-pity.


In close relationships, you are a considerate, loyal and affectionate person, strongly inclined to serve and fuss over your loved ones in a very caring, supportive way. You also expect to get the same kind of attention yourself, and can feel horribly wounded and suddenly insecure if you are somehow overlooked. Your reserve makes you appear self-sufficient when you are really dying to be petted and adored.

Misunderstandings and your over sensitivity can put you in a huffy mood; you are prone to nag and moan and then go silent. Your moods become familiar and your partner must apologize in a very particular way and then just leave you alone. You have your own inner logic and organic processes that eventually bring you back.

It is quite likely that you are a very domestic being and will therefore enjoy building a nest with someone and then bringing it to life. And when you have a partner with whom you can communicate intelligently, trust emotionally and share your vulnerability, your fidelity combines with romance to make you one of the most desirable of mates.

You no doubt possess a rather high emotional level and are able to express it much more freely than many Virgoans. You also have the wonderful capacity to live a rich and fulfilling love and sex life, and the ability to contribute a great deal to a happy relationship. You must, however, recognize the fact that you can sometimes be too protective.


As a Virgo Sun Cancer Moon, your approach to parenting combines the practical, analytical energy of Virgo with the nurturing, intuitive nature of Cancer.

With your Virgo Sun, you possess a practical, detail-oriented, and service-oriented outlook on life. As a parent, you bring a sense of organization, structure, and efficiency to your children's upbringing. You value discipline, routine, and practicality. You teach your children the importance of responsibility, self-improvement, and attention to detail. Your analytical nature allows you to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and you guide them towards personal growth and development. Your practicality helps them navigate the challenges of life with a grounded and practical approach.

Having a Cancer Moon adds a nurturing, intuitive, and emotionally sensitive touch to your parenting style. You have a deep emotional connection with your children and a natural ability to provide a safe and comforting environment for them. Your Cancer influence brings out your nurturing qualities, and you are deeply attuned to their emotional needs. You provide a sense of security and stability, making your children feel loved and protected. Your intuitive nature helps you understand their feelings even when they may not express them directly. You create lasting memories and traditions that foster a sense of belonging and family unity.

However, be mindful of the tendency to be overly protective or emotionally dependent due to your Cancer Moon. It's important to balance your nurturing nature with allowing your children the freedom to explore the world and develop their independence.

With your Virgo practicality and Cancer nurturance, you guide your children to be responsible, emotionally intelligent individuals. You instill in them the spirit of empathy, coupled with a sense of practicality and the ability to create a loving and nurturing environment.


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