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Libra Sun and

Pisces Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Libra Sun and Pisces Moon.


Sensitive; artistic; adaptable; wistfulness; inconstant; sociable; talkative; an idealist of the heart; a dreamy romantic; loving; insightful; dependent; vacillating moods; perceptive intellect; generous; helpful; rich imagination; lazy.

Combination Theme

Libra and Pisces are very different energies and the combination generates a personality with much breadth and depth. Libra is intellectual, scientific and sociable, while Pisces is intuitive, introspective, empathetic and reserved.

Pisces is the last Sign, and as such, it is the most evolved energy. Pisces Moon imparts to you a non-judgmental loving kindness not found in the rest of the Libra Sun Tribe. You’re gentle, but sophisticated. It’s nearly impossible for you to hold a grudge much less muster up a burning hatred for someone.

Perhaps the biggest gift of your Pisces Moon is your noteworthy intuition. Unlike most other Libras, you move on instinct more than logic and it often serves you well.


An intuitive mind; non-judgmental empathy; romantic devotion to utopian ideals: (love, brotherhood, freedom); ability to listen and understand; capacity to retain the innocence of childhood even when portraying the silky elegance of stardom.


Lack of conviction; vacillation at crucial crossroads; tendency to drift into new intimacies when the delights of romance fade; identifying with numerous viewpoints and positions - which creates confusion and leaves you out of touch with who you really are, and you may have to withdraw into yourself to regain your confidence.


Close relationships are the pivotal experience in your life, for through identification with others and their best interests, you find yourself and your own. The slippery slope for you, however, is losing your balance when romance takes over. Because you are so giving and sympathetic and yearn for harmonious union with another, your emotional nature is often easy prey to the delusions of romance.  You truly want to believe in your lover, and a part of you secretly wishes to surrender all control so you can bask in a state of blissful abandon. This can result in the all-too-common tendency to martyr yourself and unwittingly accept the position of doormat.

Through being unable to stand others' suffering and giving too much in relationships you will discover the deep well of emotional strength you possess. And when you pull yourself out of hopeless emotional symbiosis and despair, as you will do periodically throughout your life and will realize how strong you are. Intense emotional involvements leave you either drowning in delicious puddles of self-pity or feeling newly self-defined, enriched, empowered and more committed to allowing your own self-taught wisdom to guide your actions.

You make a wonderfully caring partner, but may become far too-willing slave for them. Remember that partnership is about sharing. Keep your balance, and try to develop a relationship with someone who will be strong enough to lean on, but who will also recognize your talents, encourage your efforts, and help you to organize your life.


As a Libra Sun Pisces Moon, your approach to parenting combines the harmonious, diplomatic energy of Libra with the dreamy, empathetic nature of Pisces.

With your Libra Sun, you possess a harmonious, diplomatic, and relationship-oriented outlook on life. As a parent, you bring a sense of balance, fairness, and cooperation to your children's upbringing. You value harmony, compromise, and creating a peaceful environment. You teach your children the importance of treating others with kindness and respect. Your diplomatic nature allows you to mediate conflicts and encourage open communication. Your Libra Sun fosters a sense of beauty and appreciation for art, culture, and social connections.

Having a Pisces Moon adds a dreamy, empathetic, and compassionate touch to your parenting style. You have a deep emotional connection with your children and a natural ability to understand and empathize with their feelings. Your Pisces influence brings out your intuitive and nurturing qualities, and you provide a safe space for them to express their emotions and navigate their inner worlds. You foster their creativity and imagination, encouraging them to explore their artistic and spiritual sides. Your Pisces Moon also brings a sense of compassion and sensitivity to your parenting, and you teach your children the importance of empathy, kindness, and emotional well-being.

However, be mindful of the tendency to be indecisive or overly influenced by others' opinions due to your Libra Sun. It's important to balance your desire for harmony with making decisions that are true to your own values and principles.

With your Libra diplomacy and Pisces empathy, you guide your children to be considerate, compassionate individuals. You instill in them the spirit of emotional intelligence, coupled with a sense of beauty and the ability to appreciate the interconnectedness of all beings.


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