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Libra Sun and

Sagittarius Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Libra Sun and Sagittarius Moon.


Calm yet restless; idealism; foresight; spontaneously helpful; enthusiastic but flighty; generous spirit; adventurous; witty; intelligent; missionary zeal; philosophical and philanthropic interests; persuasive powers.

Combination Theme

You’re the freedom-loving prognosticating adventurer of the Libra Tribe.

While Libra is inherently a tactful and gracious expression of energy, Sagittarius Moon replaces much of this polished facade with harshly blunt, but honest demeanor. You dare to say the unsayable, envision the unthinkable.

Sagittarius Moon equips you with a burning desire to travel the world and stir shit up. Libras are arguably the most open-minded of the Zodiac, but Sag Moon amplifies this virtue to new heights. You’re most likely to have strange beliefs (aliens, ghosts, conspiracy theories). You’re a philosopher at heart, an idea-smith, but you usually need others to help you put your plans in place.

You love people and they love you. People sense that you’re not judgmental and tend to trust you in seconds. You have this magical magnetism that encourages total strangers to tell you their most intimate problems. (You probably just laughed). 


Your lively spirit of cooperative enthusiasm; wit; eternal optimism; consistent appreciation for humor in most situations; ability to see the larger vision and new ways of doing things; flair for persuasion and publicity.


Tendency to over-estimate your capabilities; to hide personal problems with work-aholism; appearing too proud and aloof to others; emotional naivety; a lack of introspection and blindness to your own deeper motives.


Although you have an independent nature, you are really quite romantic. Relationships are vital to your well-being, yet they can also be your Achilles' heel. As a born idealist, you are a natural team player and are prepared to give your all to those you believe in and to any worthy cause that has caught your imagination. But you do expect your enthusiasm to be reciprocated. Because of this, you are often disappointed, for few can match your dedicated zest and commitment. You are likely to suffer periods of disillusionment when you wonder why you give so much of yourself to so many, for so little return. But you are resilient and forgiving and ever an optimist.

Your loved one will need to keep up with a fast pace, for you're always traveling - both physically and intellectually.

You have fiery (but short lived) emotions, and are capable of a marvelously exuberant enjoyment of love and sex. Unlike many people of your Sun sign, you have a strong need for independence within a relationship. As a result, you will be far less likely to rush into a commitment, in spite of all your buoyant enthusiasm.


As a Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon, your approach to parenting combines the harmonious, diplomatic energy of Libra with the adventurous, optimistic nature of Sagittarius.

With your Libra Sun, you possess a harmonious, diplomatic, and relationship-oriented outlook on life. As a parent, you bring a sense of balance, fairness, and cooperation to your children's upbringing. You value harmony, compromise, and creating a peaceful environment. You teach your children the importance of treating others with kindness and respect. Your diplomatic nature allows you to mediate conflicts and encourage open communication. Your Libra Sun fosters a sense of beauty and appreciation for art, culture, and social connections.

Having a Sagittarius Moon adds an adventurous, optimistic, and independent touch to your parenting style. You encourage your children to explore the world, embrace new experiences, and have a positive outlook on life. Your Sagittarius influence brings out your own sense of adventure and love for learning, and you inspire your children to be curious and open-minded. You foster their independence, allowing them the freedom to explore their own interests and beliefs. Your Sagittarius Moon also brings a sense of humor and spontaneity to your parenting, making everyday experiences enjoyable and light-hearted.

However, be mindful of the tendency to be restless or overly impulsive due to your Sagittarius Moon. It's important to balance your sense of adventure with providing a stable and consistent environment for your children.

With your Libra diplomacy and Sagittarius optimism, you guide your children to be considerate, curious individuals. You instill in them the spirit of emotional intelligence, coupled with a sense of exploration and the ability to embrace life's adventures.


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Mackenzie MauzyJohn MayerSimon CowellNaomi WattsTommy LeeDakota Johnson

Hillary DuffMichael McKeanHolland RodenAshantiTim RobbinsChristopher Reeve


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