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Libra Sun and

Libra Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Libra Sun and Libra Moon.


Intensely idealistic; diplomatic; superb intellect; a mastery of comparing abstract ideas; zeal for justice; courteous; deplores harshness; gracious and friendly; vacillating and indecisive; seeks relationships and romance; flirtatious; vivacious; chivalrous; gentle knight.

Combination Theme

As a Double-Libra, you’re the embodiment of grace, charm, kindness and intellectualism. You typically are the best looking in your family or at least your face is symmetrical.

You’re a master debater. Arguing is your favorite sport. You're quite literally are a genius for being able to clearly see all sides of an argument and staying a step ahead of your opponent. You can debate nearly any subject matter (without knowing all facts) simply because you have honed the necessary skills at an early age. Luckily, you’re a benevolent soul and you use your talents to seek justice.

You’re not always a particularly a warm person, but you are able to say what is bothering you without holding a grudge. However, you are surprised when others sometimes are upset by your cold and insensitive delivery.


Devotion to truth and justice; kindness and companion-ability; capacity to see your opponent's view with extreme clarity; artistic inspiration; a desire to uplift and encourage others with understanding and optimism.


A tendency to be indecisive; insistence on civilized behavior, rational discussion to avoid real emotional involvement; dependency on others for your sense of well-being and confidence.


Whether professional, platonic or passionate, relationships play a central role in your life. In order to feel complete, you need someone to meet you halfway - on principle; and you need feedback from others for all your ideas. You may espouse independence, but you need, above all, to be loved and balanced by a partner.

Romantic relationships are almost a quest for you. That is, you need them in order to find out who you really are, as though another will supply the missing ingredient in your own personality.  You are amorous and loving, yet your idealistic, airy designs permit you to avoid those vexing, raw emotions that do not fit into your ideal paradigm.  When things get too emotionally heavy you may fly off to another potentially ideal relationship.

Your breakthrough comes when you discover that your real Achilles heel is dependency - dependency on others to convince you that you are loveable. When you realize you are worthy, you will feel more secure and able to get on with the real challenge of making your relationship human as well as beautiful.

Your need to relate to another person is instinctive and runs very deep. You will be psychologically whole only when settled in a permanent relationship or marriage. It is in this area that Libran indecision can totally desert you, and you can very easily rush prematurely into a relationship just because you feel that you need one badly. A degree of objectivity could well save a lot of heartache.


As a Libra Sun Libra Moon, your approach to parenting combines the harmonious, diplomatic energy of Libra with an amplified sense of balance, fairness, and cooperation.

With your Libra Sun, you possess a harmonious, diplomatic, and relationship-oriented outlook on life. As a parent, you naturally gravitate toward creating a peaceful and balanced environment for your children. You value fairness, compromise, and open communication. Your Libra Sun brings a sense of harmony and aesthetics into your parenting style. You strive to create a beautiful and harmonious atmosphere for your children to thrive in.

Having a Libra Moon intensifies your innate Libra qualities, making you even more focused on balance and harmony. You are highly sensitive to the emotions and needs of your children, and you work diligently to ensure that everyone's needs are met equitably. Your Libra Moon enhances your diplomatic nature, allowing you to navigate conflicts and create a cooperative atmosphere within the family. You excel at mediating disagreements and encouraging open dialogue among family members.

However, be mindful of the tendency to avoid confrontation or make decisions based solely on maintaining harmony due to your Libra Moon. It's important to strike a balance between being accommodating and asserting your own needs and boundaries.

With your Libra diplomacy and amplified Libra sense of balance, you guide your children to be considerate, fair-minded individuals. You instill in them the importance of treating others with kindness and respect, and you teach them the art of compromise and cooperation.


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