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Libra Sun and

Virgo Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Libra Sun and Virgo Moon.


Eminently civilized; fine intellect; social critic; correct behavior; refined simplicity; considered actions; particular aesthetics; kind-hearted and helpful; philosophical and judicial mind; exquisite composure; devotion to truth.

Combination Theme

Libra Sun is extremely intellectual while Virgo Moon is a meticulous and nervous energy that gives you the ability to see and analyze details that most people miss. You’re insightful and rational and can thoroughly size-up a situation faster than most anyone else. Because of this, you have a very cut and dry approach to decision making and are often puzzled when others don’t see what you see.

Virgo Moon makes you critical and higher strung than your other Libra brothers and sisters... You immediately see what’s wrong with situations and when asked your opinion, you gladly give your sharp, hard-nosed, bare-truth synopsis. It’s easy for you to be so efficient and objective because emotions play a very little role in your world.


Self-sufficiency; profound reasoning abilities; a heightened social concern; practical helpfulness; aesthetic practicality; fine sense of discrimination between concepts; kindness; tactfulness; devotion to moral values and loved ones.


Finicky attitudes and abhorrence of messiness and disorder; inclination to over-analyze, criticize, and intellectualize feelings; a sometimes "holier-than-thou" attitude based on your cleverness and quick summing up of the facts.


In relationships you have a kind, devoted, affectionate nature, and you love to be of practical help to your loved one. At the same time, you enjoy attention and being pampered, and may have a kind of repressed vanity which sulks cheerlessly if your lover does not get the message that you are feeling sensitive.

Anything crude, coarse or ludicrous turns you off, and you may find the irrationality of emotions a bit overwhelming and bewildering at times. Wildly emotional people seem messy and unattractive to you, but also extremely fascinating. You can feel intensely, but because you dislike the thought of losing control in front of others, you find more elegant and modest ways of showing your feelings.

Love for you must contain a strong mental rapport and a sharing of hobbies, artistic interests and humor. You may also be quite domestic and love gardening and cooking, although your purist, finicky tastes may be too rarified for most of your family. Although you tend to think of yourself as pretty self-sufficient, you will blossom and develop more confidence in a secure relationship where you can relax enough to learn how to be silly and play.

Although you will certainly work very hard for your partners, and give them excellent backup for where they may lack, you may not find it easy to unlock your emotions and really relax. Although you are as romantic as anyone of your Sun sign, it may not be easy for you to enjoy love and sex wholeheartedly. Be very careful not to over-criticize or nag your partner.


As a Libra Sun Virgo Moon, your approach to parenting combines the harmonious, diplomatic energy of Libra with the practical, detail-oriented nature of Virgo.

With your Libra Sun, you possess a harmonious, diplomatic, and relationship-oriented outlook on life. As a parent, you bring a sense of balance, fairness, and cooperation to your children's upbringing. You value harmony, compromise, and creating a peaceful environment. You teach your children the importance of treating others with kindness and respect. Your diplomatic nature allows you to mediate conflicts and encourage open communication. Your Libra Sun fosters a sense of beauty and appreciation for art, culture, and social connections.

Having a Virgo Moon adds a practical, detail-oriented, and analytical touch to your parenting style. You have a keen eye for organization and efficiency. You prioritize structure and routine in your children's lives, as you believe it fosters a sense of stability and helps them develop good habits. Your Virgo influence brings out your own perfectionistic tendencies, and you strive for excellence in parenting, paying attention to the smallest details. You teach your children the importance of responsibility, self-improvement, and attention to detail. Your Virgo Moon also enhances your nurturing qualities, and you provide a safe and caring environment for your children's growth and development.

However, be mindful of the tendency to be overly critical or demanding of yourself and others due to your Virgo Moon. It's important to balance your practicality with flexibility and allow room for spontaneity and playfulness in your parenting.

With your Libra diplomacy and Virgo practicality, you guide your children to be considerate, responsible individuals. You instill in them the spirit of emotional intelligence, coupled with a sense of organization and the ability to approach life with attention to detail.


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