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Libra Sun and

Leo Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Libra Sun and Leo Moon.


Vivacious; theatrical; vain; aesthetic; love of the written word; idealistic; graceful; honorable; romantic; trusting; visionary; religious; enthusiastic; high-minded; witty; flamboyant; an unconquerable gaiety of soul.

Combination Theme

Libra is intellectual, graceful and diplomatic while Leo is dramatic, passionate and playful. Your Libra and Leo energies do share many traits though. Both are highly sociable signs. Both are creative, romantic, charming and have a love for luxury.

You have a brilliant mind, but your biggest asset is your personality and command of a crowd. Leo Moon adds flair and passion to your inherently charming Libra Sun. You’re creative and artistic in everything you do, even if you simply make cookies.

Intellectual Libra is further enhanced by Leo moon’s leadership ability. Libra’s approach to life is diplomatic in nature; seeking peaceful compromise and middle ground for the good of all - while Leo tends to take a less accommodating stance on a matter, sometimes pushing for excess and self-gratification. Some Libra’s get pushed around by others, not you. You have the heart (Moon) of a lion (Leo).


Great kindness, playfulness and gentility; quick wit and capacity for seeing the dramatic and comic in everyday situations; nobility and ethical conscience; the artistic flair you bring to public service; generosity of spirit.


Vanity, reliance on others' admiration and good opinion; luxury-loving self-indulgence and laziness; a stubborn refusal to recognize your own limitations; a tendency to make poor judgments when flattery will get you everywhere.


Romance is the staple of your life - you need it in some form to survive. When you are in love you taste the ecstasy of completion, the purity of passion, the meaning of life, but you soon find that this is all a bit heavy for your partner. Love brings out your nobility and your highest ideals, but you will have more fun if you realize you are relating to a flesh-and-blood mortal who just wants to be loved for him or herself.

You fall in love with love and with the person you become when you fall in love. You need to come down to earth a bit, take the stars out of your eyes for a while and detach from the courtly side of the love game. As you become more honest about your own doubts and inadequacies, you will be less affronted by those you find in your partner; and instead of a role player in an exciting drama, he or she will be allowed to become an individual, a human being in a human relationship. Taking out the trash and balancing the checkbook then become part of the joint effort to live joyfully and fully in the real world.

You have a wealth of positive emotion to express toward your partners, and you want to feel proud of them.

Beware of the tendency to fall in love with love. You can be very easily hurt and, when you are, you will retire to your private lair to lick your wounds.


As a Libra Sun Leo Moon, your approach to parenting combines the harmonious, diplomatic energy of Libra with the confident, expressive nature of Leo.

With your Libra Sun, you possess a harmonious, diplomatic, and relationship-oriented outlook on life. As a parent, you bring a sense of balance, fairness, and cooperation to your children's upbringing. You value harmony, compromise, and creating a peaceful environment. You teach your children the importance of treating others with kindness and respect. Your diplomatic nature allows you to mediate conflicts and encourage open communication. Your Libra Sun fosters a sense of beauty and appreciation for art, culture, and social connections.

Having a Leo Moon adds a confident, expressive, and creative touch to your parenting style. You encourage your children to embrace their individuality, express themselves boldly, and follow their passions. Your Leo influence brings out your own charismatic and enthusiastic nature, and you inspire your children to be confident and proud of their accomplishments. You foster their creativity and provide opportunities for them to shine and showcase their talents. Your Leo Moon also brings a sense of joy and playfulness to your parenting, making everyday experiences vibrant and enjoyable.

However, be mindful of the tendency to seek validation or be overly dominant due to your Leo Moon. It's important to balance your confidence with humility and encourage your children to develop their own sense of self-worth.

With your Libra diplomacy and Leo confidence, you guide your children to be considerate, self-assured individuals. You instill in them the spirit of emotional intelligence, coupled with a sense of creativity and the ability to express themselves authentically.


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