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Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon Tribe

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Sagittarius Sun and

Scorpio Moon Tribe

 An Overview for those with Sagittarius Sun and Scorpio Moon.



Moralistic intensity; confident; judicial and exacting mind; emotional fervor; sensual; satirical; sociable; serious; fiercely loyal; vivid imagination; powerful desires; keen instincts; the victory of optimism over despair; entrepreneurial spirit.

Combination Theme

Sagittarius Sun energy is known to give its Tribe members eternal optimism, a cavalier attitude and an uninhibited expression of Self. Sagittarius is a “Mutable Sign” which means it’s flexible and adaptable to situations. Sag people generally conceptualize a problem or situation from the 30,000-foot view and ultimately love to shock everyone with their blunt and often inventive conclusions.

Scorpio Moon energy, by itself, is an intense and transformative energy. It’s a secretive and calculating energy that urges its Tribe to look between the lines and seek for the deeper meanings of life.

Scorpio is a transformative energy that adds a deep (and periodically dark) dimension to your famously bright and vivacious Sagittarian Sun energy. This isn’t to say you’re prone to evil, just that Scorpio is a very emotionally intense and secretive energy, you keep your thoughts to yourself more than any other Sagittarius Sun and you think about what you mean to say before you say it more than any other in the Sag Sun Tribe.

Most of you in the Sag/Scorp Tribe are go-getters. You have a well-rounded skillset to achieve your goals. You have the innate wisdom of Sagittarius to see the “Big Picture” and the intense determination of Scorpio to see your projects through to the end.


Magnetic charisma; emotional commitment and dedication to life; courage and resilience in the face of pain or fear of the unknown; powerful intellect and talent for investigation; spontaneous honesty and thirst for self-knowledge.


A rigid overly-critical attitude toward weaker souls; a tendency to become over-zealous about your loves and hates; proneness to proud retaliation and condemnation of contrary views; a rebellious tendency to create trouble when bored.


Sag/Scorps prefer to live on the edge. In love, this tendency makes you volatile, unpredictable but 100% involved - and you demand the same commitment from your partner. Extremely passionate, needful of intimacy and capable of lasting loyalty, you are either a deep, dark enigma to your partner, or a jovial companion ready for adventure.

Part of your dilemma is this emotional swing from possessiveness and dependency on your partner to a fiery, independent stance, which proclaims, "I can do it myself - I'm the world's best survivor".

This attitude is great for climbing Mount Everest but not very conducive to intimacy. Your lack of humility can wear a bit thin as well. You are always biting off a bit more than you can chew and then defiantly pushing full-steam ahead to prove to others (and to yourself) that you have heroic qualities. And you want heroic excitement in your lover too, although a sensible, down-to-earth type will help to balance your intensity and imagination.

Relationships will flourish and your potential as a caring, amusing, and wise person will emerge if you are able to loosen up and channel some of your emotional energy into creative interests.

You are fairly more romantic than many other Sagittarians, and enjoy setting a glamorous scene in which to make love. Once committed, you make a wonderful partner. You will always be fair and listen to your lover's ideas.


As a Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon, your approach to parenting is quite unique, blending the spirited, adventurous essence of Sagittarius with the deep emotional intensity of Scorpio.

Your Scorpio Moon means you experience emotions with profound depth, creating an intense bond between you and your children. You have a protective instinct that is fierce, almost like a lioness defending her cubs. Yet, you should remember to manage your emotions, so they don't cloud your parenting decisions. You harbor a sense of privacy, a trait you'll pass on to your kids, teaching them to respect personal boundaries and the importance of secrecy.

The Sagittarius Sun, on the other hand, adds a vibrant hue to your parental style. As an eternal optimist, you pass on this optimism to your kids, inspiring them to see the silver linings in every cloud. You imbue them with a sense of adventure, urging them to break out of their shells, explore the world and seek the truth in all corners. Yet, be mindful of your Sagittarian streak for independence which might make you feel a little trapped in the parenting routine.

Honesty and openness are your guiding principles. You raise your kids to be straightforward and genuine. Your intellectual curiosity, a gift from Sagittarius, encourages your children to question, learn, and grow continuously.

But, remember, astrology is merely a broad brush painting your personality. Your actual parenting style is also a mosaic of other factors—other elements in your natal chart, personal experiences, and cultural upbringing. So while you'll be a bit of a philosopher, a bit of a detective as a parent, you'll also be so much more—an embodiment of your unique journey and experiences.


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