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Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon Tribe

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Sagittarius Sun and

Libra Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Sagittarius Sun and Libra Moon.


Optimistic; warm-hearted; philosophical mind; social conscience; generous spirit; romantic; prophetic; chivalrous; graciously gregarious; an interested observer of humankind; frequenter of coffee shops and theatres; enthusiastic communicator; fun-loving companion.

Combination Theme

Your combination blends the open-minded enthusiasm and uninhibited self-expression of Sagittarius with the socially minded diplomacy of Libra. You’re the scholarly philosopher who is much more interested in the meaning of life than the mundane details we all have to trudge through.

People tend to love you for your sense of humor and fresh ideas. You’re a free spirit and optimistic and little seems to get under your skin. You follow your own path, yet you find yourself being the mediator of conflicts- usually favoring the underdog. Any field of work having to do with human relations or social activism is perfect for the those of the Sag/Libra Tribe.


Outrageous, unstuffy sense of humor; warm sincerity; your love of people; fine intellect; acute observations; quick wit; honesty, which both shocks and delights your friends; openness to adventure; your strong, resilient, positive approach to all the challenges life presents.


Over-expansiveness in both your ideas and style so that you are frequently forced to come down to earth; gullibility; reliance on luck; restlessness and need for constant activity and social advancement; an on-going conflict between independence and needing others.


You thrive on social stimulation, friendship and love, and to be happy, you certainly require substantial amounts of affection and admiration - though you run away from heavy displays of emotion. You are passionate and idealistic in love, but not soppy, and you try to keep your emotions under control and in your mind.

You want to share the grand journey of life with your love one - the drama, the beauty, the elegance - and you want to keep things positive and happy-go-lucky. When it comes to changing diapers or the less glamorous chores of life you may get a little restless.

Luckily, your love of learning and discovery should also help you in the more mundane journey of domesticity, paying bills and sticking to some sort of healthy routine. Taking care of the latter is not your strong point, but fair's fair, and when you sense that your partner needs a lift you can always come up with a "treat" that cheers up the down-hearted.

Likewise, there are plenty of times when you need lots of tender, loving care, and you will happily switch roles form time-to-time, being able to play parent or child, daddy or mommy, teacher or student with equal panache.


As a Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon, your approach to parenting is a fascinating blend of your adventurous spirit and the balanced, harmonious tendencies of Libra.

Your Sagittarius Sun fuels your love for freedom and adventure. In your parenting style, this translates to a sense of openness, encouraging your children to explore the world around them and to soak up as much knowledge as they can. You inspire them to embrace life's journey with optimism and excitement. Yet, remember to keep an eye on your Sagittarian restlessness. It's important to provide stability alongside adventure for your children.

Your Libra Moon adds a harmonious, diplomatic tone to your parental approach. You aim to create a balanced, peaceful environment for your children, teaching them the importance of fairness and kindness. You are likely to promote open communication and respect in your home, fostering an atmosphere where everyone's voice is heard and valued. You're an advocate of the "win-win" situation, teaching your children the art of negotiation and compromise. However, beware of your Libran tendency to avoid conflict, as sometimes tough conversations are necessary for growth and learning.

In your quest for intellectual and ethical enlightenment, you raise your children to be truth-seekers and justice warriors. You encourage them to ask questions, to seek knowledge, and to strive for equity and fairness in their interactions.


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Noam ChomskyAnna ChlumskyEugene LevyJay-ZRay LiottaBrian Baumgartner

David CarradineJon MoxleyTheo JamesDon CheadleWilliam FichtnerConleth Hill


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