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Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon Tribe

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Sagittarius Sun and

Virgo Moon Tribe

 An Overview for those with Sagittarius Sun and Virgo Moon.



Cavalier yet careful; socially concerned; intellectually discriminating; enthusiastically precise; ability to categorize knowledge; a practical idealist; boldly dogmatic; diffident yet outspoken; loyal and helpful friend; morally sound; philosophical; charming; humorously tactful.

Combination Theme

The Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon Tribe produces a lot of high achievers. Your combination blends Sagittarius’ wisdom, enthusiasm and ability to see the ”Big Picture” with Virgo’s analytical ability, attention to detail and grit to see projects through to the end.

The earthiness of your Virgo Moon makes you the most conservative and traditional of those in the Sag Sun Tribe. Most Sags suffer from chronic “foot-in-mouth disease,” saying brutally blunt things at the most inappropriate times. Thankfully, that’s not really you. You’re more grounded and responsible with your words. You think before you speak and look before you leap more than any other Sag Sun person.

There is nothing petty or small about you. You have a grounded sense of reality without being cynical, and a romantic streak without being idealistic. You have the skills of a diplomat, winning over others with your straightforward manner and soothing demeanor.


Intellectual vigor and precision; enthusiastic dedication to ideals and hard work; quiet charm and warmly helpful attitude to others; ability to convey ideas objectively and to persuade others with your clear arguments as well as your calm integrity.


A tendency toward mental compulsions and neurotic fears that drain your ability to think creatively; proneness to be moralistic before considering all sides of an issue, overcritical and judgmental of others' imperfections; discomfort with emotional needs; desire for certitude, which can make you pedantic and narrow-minded.


You are kind-hearted and utterly devoted in relationships, and would certainly be shocked by any disloyalty from your partners.

You can blow hot and cold yourself; uptight prudish at one moment and wildly vivacious and flirtatious the next.

You are fairly gregarious and like the company of many different kinds of people, preferably stimulating and important types, but you may find it difficult to be intimate on a one-to-one basis unless you share an intellectual rapport with your partner, as well as having some common vision, enthusiasm and dedication to a greater cause.

You are warm, sentimental and dependable when people have won your respect. You're always willing to stop and have a good time - as long as it is done with panache and decorum.

Your Sagittarian passion is somewhat moderated by your Virgoan Moon, which may inhibit you in love and sex. Your instinctive modesty can make you feel a little inferior in this field. In fact, you have much to offer, so try not to put yourself down.

A main Virgoan fault is to nag and to criticize partners, often for no good reason. Your Sagittarian Sun side loathes this tendency and helps you to bite your tongue if you find yourself beginning to complain.


As a Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon, your parenting style is a dynamic mix of your adventurous spirit and the practical, detail-oriented nature of Virgo.

Your Sagittarius Sun imbues you with a sense of adventure and a love for freedom. As a parent, you instill these traits in your children, encouraging them to explore the world, seek the truth, and learn about different cultures and ideas. You inspire your children to approach life with a sense of optimism, curiosity, and open-mindedness. However, remember to balance your thirst for adventure with providing a secure and stable environment for your children.

Your Virgo Moon, on the other hand, enhances your ability to attend to details and your desire for perfection. You encourage your children to work hard, strive for excellence, and value the small details in life. You have high expectations, but they are driven by your belief in your children's capabilities. With your careful and methodical approach, you teach them the importance of responsibility, order, and discipline. However, be mindful not to let your desire for perfection turn into overcritical tendencies, as it's essential to also celebrate effort and progress, not just perfection.

With your philosophical Sagittarian nature and your analytical Virgo Moon, you inspire your children to be both dreamers and doers. You encourage them to think big and have grand ambitions, but also to lay down a solid, practical plan to achieve them.

Keep in mind that while your astrological signs provide a general understanding of your traits, your actual parenting style is also influenced by other aspects of your natal chart, personal experiences, and cultural context. As a Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon, you are an adventurous perfectionist, a combination you bring to your parenting, but you are also so much more, a unique mix of your individual journey and experiences.


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