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Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon Tribe

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Sagittarius Sun and

Leo Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Sagittarius Sun and Leo Moon.



Warm-hearted; grandiose; self-dramatizing; intuitive thinker; visionary; romantic; arrogant; nobility; absent-minded; hot-tempered; devoted; extravagant; courageous; childlike enthusiasm; adventurer; gambler; love of winning.

Combination Theme

Sagittarius and Leo are Fire Signs; making you a warm, passionate and generous person.  You love the 'good things' of life: beauty, style, talent, literary genius, champions and heroes of all kinds.

You have a creative, yet photographic imagination. When you have the picture in mind, any goal becomes an accomplished fact. Anyone to whom you give your word has an unbreakable bond. Honor and pride are your motives.

Sagittarius energy is playful while Leo is about leadership. You’re on a quest for position and authority. Your ability to deal with ANYONE (Sag) and your leadership (Leo) will take you far in life.

Winston Churchill is an exemplary manifestation of Sag/Leo. His ability to inspire and lead with his words still encourage us all to trudge forward.  “You must put your head into the lion’s mouth if the performance is to be a success.” -WC


Creative imagination; sense of the drama of life; playfulness and openness to new adventure; ability to see potential in people and situations; optimism; courage; leadership abilities; nobility of spirit; capacity to bring light and warmth in to the lives of others.


Impatience; temper tantrums; being bossy and opinionated; propensity to grab the limelight of others to hide insecurity; difficulty in accepting normal human limitations; lack of sensitivity to other people's needs; taking yourself too seriously; self-centeredness.


Intensely romantic and in love with love, you are passionate and committed in a monogamous relationship, but perhaps a little idealistic and never quite sure that what you have is the great romance you once sought.

Your love of intense experience plus your considerable vanity means that you are slightly open-ended when it comes to relationships and this can be disconcerting for your partner. You give your all and expect the same in return, as love is part of the big drama of your life.

You cannot hide your feelings and if your passions change, you will change your life as well. But you are extremely honorable and true to your moral principles - to go against them would be a gross insult to yourself. You expect others to be as morally sincere as you, and are mortified when you discover otherwise. Despite this, you have tremendous resilience, and you are able to recover from personal or professional losses without losing your dignity, without losing your sense of humor, and with ten times the resolve to achieve.

You have a high level of sexual drive and are not shy about showing it to your partner. When you're with your significant other, you'll do everything in your ability to make their lives as pleasant as possible.


As a Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon, your approach to parenting is a dynamic fusion of your adventurous, freedom-loving spirit and the generous, fiery nature of Leo.

Your Sagittarius Sun radiates a love for exploration and truth. As a parent, you inspire these traits in your children, encouraging them to seek knowledge, explore their surroundings, and embrace diverse cultures and philosophies. You cultivate an optimistic and open-minded environment, teaching your children to approach life with enthusiasm and curiosity. However, ensure to balance your zest for adventure with providing consistent stability for your children.

Your Leo Moon, on the other hand, adds warmth, generosity, and a touch of drama to your parenting style. You are proud of your children and aren't shy to show it. You encourage them to express themselves, to shine, and to be confident. You have a natural ability to make your children feel special and loved. Yet, be cautious of your Leo tendencies towards being overly dramatic or controlling, as it's important to allow your children their space to grow independently.

With your jovial Sagittarian spirit and your passionate Leo Moon, you inspire your children to not only dream big but also to have the confidence and courage to chase those dreams. You teach them to be open-minded adventurers who are also brave enough to take the center stage in their lives.


Famous Sagittarius Sun Leo Moon People Depicted Above:

Dale CarnegieMichael Clarke DuncanTori KellyKeri HilsonMartin ClunesLee Trevino

Redd FoxArDarius StewartAmanda SeyfriedDana BrookeNelsan EllisKatie Holmes

Winston ChurchillSteve BannonJosh DallasAmy LeeJane FondaAmy Ryan


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