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Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon Tribe

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Sagittarius Sun and

Cancer Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Sagittarius Sun and Cancer Moon.



Mind and heart; enthusiasm and sensitivity; extremes of extroversion and introversion; emotionally charged; intuitive, prophetic visionary; over-extended; brilliance; pizzazz; empathy for the dramatic.

Combination Theme

The combination of Sagittarius Sun and Cancer Moon makes you a dreamer and a visionary. Sagittarius represents uninhibited self-expression and optimism while Cancer gives you a strong connection to your emotions and a sensitivity and warmth making you a natural teacher to others.

When you are thinking clearly you can see through anything or anyone. No task is too hard for you when you've set your mind on it. Though you are constantly dealing with the storm of your internal emotions, you come across as self-assured and capable. Your Cancerian Moon’s intuition serves you well as you are usually correct when you sense a person is not being completely honest with you.


Undiluted optimism; intuitive ability to tune into the times and express your own and other people's thoughts and feelings with wit and insight; personal magnetism; your kind helpfulness, generosity, good fellowship and willingness to go the extra mile.


Restlessly searching for fresh emotional and intellectual stimulation which can push you to extremes of behavior; constantly over-extending your financial and emotional resources; leaving projects unfinished; gullibility and misplaced faith in unworthy people and causes.


You are especially emotional, and a romantic to boot. Feelings and passions churn constantly within you and the next romantic interest in your life is always Ms. Or Mr. Right.

In one moment, you might feel a fiercely protective love for someone and pledge your lifelong commitment; in the next, you might be burning your boats and waving goodbye. You do not necessarily have a "lover in every port", but you do like to wander the world. In fact or imagination, you know that everywhere is home for you. When these conflicting sides are not reconciled, you can feel torn between a deep belief in human fellowship and a sense of inner loneliness and emotional isolation.

Although you seek constant emotional stimulation, and cannot tolerate boredom, you are quite capable of being loyal to your childhood sweetheart - as long as he or she sufficiently captures your wild imagination and love of variety and changing moods. Likewise, your very wildness may attract you to solid Earth types who can offer you a sober stability and common sense that you otherwise tend to lack.

You express love very sensually and have many desirable qualities that should enable you to maintain a stable, yet exciting, relationship. Your emotional level is very high, for you have all the powerful, fiery emotion of Sagittarius, which will spur you into passionate expression of love and sex. You also have the more tender emotion of Cancer, which should enable you to tune into your partner's needs on all levels.

You are probably less happy-go-lucky in your relationships than many Sun sign Sagittarians, but should be careful not to let Cancerian moodiness and a tendency to react very sharply mar so much that is positive.


As a Sagittarius Sun Cancer Moon, your approach to parenting beautifully marries your expansive, adventurous spirit with the nurturing, caring heart of Cancer.

Your Sagittarius Sun endows you with a love for freedom, exploration, and the pursuit of truth. As a parent, you pass on these qualities to your children, inspiring them to be open-minded, inquisitive, and enthusiastic about life's many journeys. You foster an environment of optimism and encourage your children to embrace diversity and different perspectives. However, remember to balance your adventurous spirit with the need for stability in your children's lives.

Your Cancer Moon, on the other hand, brings out your nurturing, protective side. Your children are likely to feel deeply loved and cared for. You're the type of parent who strives to create a safe, comfortable, and emotionally nourishing environment for your kids, teaching them the value of empathy and emotional intelligence. Yet, be mindful of your Cancerian tendencies to be overly protective or to hold on too tightly. It's important to give your children room to grow and make their own mistakes.

With your Sagittarian optimism and your Cancerian intuition, you raise your children to be explorers of both the world and their inner selves. You inspire them to reach for the stars while staying grounded, to dream big but also to value home and family.


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Jermaine JacksonAaron CarterJonah HillCriss AngelYami Gautam DharRichard Kind


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