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Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon Tribe

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Sagittarius Sun and

Taurus Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Sagittarius Sun and Taurus Moon.


Friendly and romantic; steady aspirations; generous nature; measured optimism; extravagant taste; entrenched beliefs; devotion to progress; self-confidence; a gentle authoritarian; social conscience; love of beauty; musical sensitivity; a pragmatic philosopher.

Combination Theme

Sagittarius Sun people are known to have a philosophical bent, uninhibited expression of thoughts and a thirst for adventure. Sagittarius is the big-dreaming, broad-thinking type. You like to conceptualize situations from the 10,000-foot vantage point. Your Taurus Moon grounds you though; you’re one of the more practical people in the Sagittarius Tribe.

Sagittarius’ passion for projects tends to flame out after a while, but your Earthy and stable Taurus Moon gives you staying power for your pursuits. You have a unique combination that provides you with a keen eye for business strategies and the ability to get back up when you get knocked down.

Taurus Moon gives you a higher emotional need for financial security than most other Sags, but it also gives you a sensitivity and heightened appreciation for the physical pleasures of life. Food, sex and music nourish your soul more than they do for most other people.


The way you combine brilliant insights with practical know-how; an expansive outlook made viable by your calm and serious bearing; commitment to ideals and people; warm approachability; capacity to enjoy life to the full.


Lack of initiative; proneness to live in your dreams and let others pick up the bill; becoming a slave to your own exotic tastes; tendency to get stuck in ideologies that clutter your life and impede your creative output.


Your loved ones can consistently expect your warmth and big-heartedness along with your dependability and appreciation of the simple pleasures of the daily round. You are romantic but reliable; fun loving but common sensical. You intend to live a good life, and to do that you need to feel happy in a close relationship, to have familiar faces around you.

You tend to feel at ease with yourself and your tastes and cravings, and as a result you put others at ease. A part of you wants variety, freedom and excitement, while another part wants security, closeness and absolute loyalty. You can, without realizing it, become addicted to the emotional nourishment you get from your partner and family. You may even become very possessive unwittingly.

You need a partner who is just as enthusiastic about learning and doing new things as you are, but who also has some Water in their Astrological makeup to help you make the connection to the deeper, more intangible realm of emotions and hone your own underdeveloped sensitivity.

You have the warm affection usually associated with Taurus, and it is this that will first emerge when you develop romantic relationship. Your Taurean Moon adds a great deal of natural charm to your personality, while removing nothing of the sexiness of your Sagittarian Sun.

Bear in mind that the worst Taurean fault is possessiveness. As a Sagittarian with an instinctive love of freedom, you detest this unacceptable trait, but your Moon can edge you toward it. Recognize the fact, and watch for the signs.


As a Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon, your approach to parenting blends your love for freedom and exploration with the practical, nurturing nature of Taurus.

Your Sagittarius Sun ignites your passion for truth-seeking and adventure. As a parent, you encourage these traits in your children, teaching them to be open-minded, curious, and enthusiastic about the world's many wonders. You cultivate an environment of optimism, inspiring your children to embrace new experiences and perspectives. However, it's essential to balance your thirst for adventure with the need for stability and consistency that your children require.

Your Taurus Moon, on the other hand, contributes a grounded, nurturing element to your parenting style. You provide a strong, stable foundation for your children, offering them a safe and secure environment. You teach them to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, the beauty in nature, and the value of hard work and persistence. However, watch out for the Taurus tendency towards stubbornness or being overly protective. It's vital to encourage your children's independence and allow them the freedom to make their own decisions.

With your Sagittarian free spirit and your Taurean practicality, you guide your children to be explorers who value stability, to dream big but also to stay grounded, and to value both adventure and comfort.


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Todd GlassBill NyeJammie FoxxChristina AguileraRena SoferFelicity Huffman

Jessalyn GilsigTed NugentBrenden FraserColin HanksKristy SwansonTerrell Owens


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