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Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon Tribe

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Sagittarius Sun and

Aries Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Sagittarius Sun and Aries Moon.


Frank; forthright; big talker; picaresque adventurer; intuitive certainty; irreverence for the old and outdated; impatient; energetic; blunt - but sincere; habitually hopeful; emotionally demanding; courageously idealistic; passionately honorable; the entrepreneur; the kind-hearted rebel.

Combination Theme

You’re the “Fearless Philosopher”. Sagittarians (in general) are philosophers at heart, you love looking at situations from higher levels and there’s not many subjects that you can’t talk about with confidence.

Sags are also very blunt by nature and you absolutely love shocking people with your keen observations. You have a gift/curse for pointing out things in people that they choose to ignore within themselves.

Aries Moon adds turbo to your already fiery nature. You’re highly assertive, expressive and enthusiastic. You might be the most fearless of all Sun Moon combinations. (Chances are that you scored as an Introvert on the JTI test - unless you have a .)


Infectious enthusiasm; absolute honesty; courage and leadership abilities; intuitive mental gifts; exceptional moral integrity.


Impatience; disliking of details; insensitivity to the more subtle nuances of human relationships; neurotic need to be affirmed as the biggest and best; black moods when things go wrong.


Intimate liaisons are not your strong suit. Although you are certainly romantic enough, you tend to lack the patience or willingness to listen and understand where other people's needs are concerned. Over time, and some pain and heartache you will become a better listener. It's one of your soul's missions with these placements.

You need someone you can respect and who stimulates you, but you need to be careful that you see the real person instead of the image you hold in your romantic imagination. You may be attracted to watery or earthy types who help you to slow down and feel more comfortable with your ordinariness and emotional needs. Life with you, however, will always contain some surprises, so your partner will have to understand your gregarious instinct and need for creative space.

Your fiery enthusiasm for love and sex should ensure that you obtain a lot of pleasure out of this sphere of your life. You may not always take your relationships too seriously, since your passion has a lighthearted air.

Be aware that the worst Arien fault is selfishness, and that you may sometimes react to your lovers in a somewhat selfish way. You certainly need a partner who can match your abundant Sagittarian and Arien emotional and physical energy, and sheer enjoyment of love and sex.


As a Tribe member of Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon, your approach to parenting marries your adventurous spirit and love of freedom with the fiery, assertive nature of Aries.

Your Sagittarius Sun inspires your passion for exploration, truth-seeking, and broad horizons. As a parent, you pass these qualities onto your children, encouraging them to be curious, open-minded, and enthusiastic about life's many journeys. You foster an environment of optimism and inspire your children to appreciate diversity and different perspectives. However, remember to balance your restless spirit with the need to provide a stable and consistent environment for your children.

Your Aries Moon adds a bold, assertive touch to your parenting style. You're a parent who inspires courage and independence in your children. You encourage them to take the initiative, be confident, and not shy away from challenges. You value honesty and straightforwardness, teaching your children to express themselves openly. However, watch out for your Aries tendency to be impulsive or overly assertive, as it's important to also foster patience and empathy in your children.

With your Sagittarian love for freedom and your Aries drive, you raise your children to be adventurers who aren't afraid to blaze their own trail. You encourage them to be explorers, to be courageous, and to stand up for what they believe in.


Famous Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon People Depicted Above:

Bill HicksIan SomerhalderBobby FlayNicholas HoultKiefer SutherlandTom DeLonge

Colin SalmonTyra BanksMayim BialikSteven MerchantJesse MetcalfeJohn Larroquette

Mark TwainAshley MadekweLaurie HoldenVincent CasselSarah SnookBobbi Billard


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