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Capricorn Sun and

Pisces Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Capricorn Sun and Pisces Moon.


Scientist and poet; a pragmatic dreamer; romantic but skeptical; a compassionate realist; an imaginative organizer; faithful; helpful; philosophical; humanitarian; tough and tender; long-suffering humility; dependable, but private.

Combination Theme

When stable, stern and stoic Capricorn energy is blended with the imaginary, sympathetic, and intuitive energy of Pisces we have a person who can make their imaginations come to fruition. Capricorn has the ability to manifest and manage structures with their inherent organizational abilities, while Pisces frees the heart and mind to think out of the box and imagine new possibilities.

Your powers of imagination are unmatched by others in the Capricorn Sun Tribe.  Pisces is the wettest of the Water Signs, it’s the last Sign and Pisces Moon makes you the most intuitively sensitive of all Capricorn Sun/Moon combinations. You’re the least recognizable of the Capricorns because Pisces (being the last sign) gives you a little flavor from each of the 12 Signs. 

Each sign has their own paradox for the natives of these signs to deal with. For example, Libras are given the gift of diplomacy, they’re the best at balancing situations amongst others, but are generally challenged when balancing their own day to day lives. For Pisces energy, the paradox deals with the imagination and your imagination is both a gift and a curse. While you can sometimes accurately assess a situation it’s almost as though you’re psychic, there are times your imagination completely fabricates something that simply isn’t there. You’re prone to experiencing more guilt and confusion than is necessary.


Capacity to give form and substance to your imagination; compassion and practical helpfulness; personal courage you find from self-reflection and moral precepts; your gift for quietly bringing order out of chaos.


Fear of the unknown; tendency to carry the burdens of others; propensity to lose your confidence in negative thought patterns; willingness to bend the truth to fit your thesis.


You can either be totally needy and dependent, or you can play the self-reliant loner. You give the appearance of being very self-possessed, able to cope with a whole spectrum of problems, but when you feel safe in a close relationship you open up and reveal the problems that weigh heavy on your heart, (and of course the joys), there is a whimsical, light-hearted, fun-loving soul wanting to get outside and forget the serious side of life.

You respond warmly and lovingly to partners and are capable of a truly rewarding love and sex life. The worst Piscean fault is self-deceptiveness. As a Capricorn Sun you detest this characteristic about yourself and should therefore be able to combat it successfully.

When you fall in love, you may have a tendency to see your partner through rose-colored glasses. Consciously allow your Capricornian qualities full expression, especially when considering a long-term commitment. Never slip into the bad habit of telling white lies in order not to hurt your partner, in the long run the effects could be horrendous.


As a Capricorn Sun Pisces Moon, your approach to parenting melds the pragmatic, disciplined nature of Capricorn with the sensitive, compassionate energy of Pisces.

Your Capricorn Sun lends you a practical and disciplined outlook on life. As a parent, you instill these values in your children, teaching them the importance of hard work, responsibility, and ambition. You provide structure and clear boundaries, helping your children understand that every action has consequences. You inspire them to set goals and work consistently towards achieving them. However, remember to balance your disciplined nature with warmth and nurturing, ensuring your children know they are loved unconditionally, not just for their accomplishments.

Your Pisces Moon, on the other hand, adds a deep well of empathy and emotional understanding to your parenting style. You are intuitively attuned to your children's feelings and needs, offering comfort and emotional support when needed. You inspire their imagination and creativity, encouraging them to dream and explore their own inner worlds. 

With your Capricorn pragmatism and your Pisces sensitivity, you guide your children to be both dreamers and doers. You foster in them the ability to build castles in the air and the skills to put foundations under those castles.


Famous Capricorn Pisces Moon People Depicted Above:

Edgar Allen PoeBen KingsleyTaye DiggsBob Denver, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Elvis

R-TruthRicky MartinKirstie AlleyMichelle ObamaCarl WeathersNikki Haley

Benjamin FranklinJared KushnerMichael StipeRush LimbaughJulie Ann EmeryJohn Denver


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