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Capricorn Sun and

Sagittarius Moon

An Overview for those with Capricorn Sun and Sagittarius Moon.


Self-motivated; zealous; authoritative; broad and sweeping intellect; honorable; philosophical; earnest; enthusiastic; acerbic wit; proud; loyal; sincere; moral strength; idealism and practicality; faith in values; alternately austere and then humorous; high standards.

Combination Theme

Capricorn is generally conservative energy, however, Sagittarius Moon adds a worldly flair and blunt attitude to the mix.

Sagittarius is a traveler at heart, restless in nature, and usually has a multitude of personal interests and theories. You’re the most likely of the Caps to pay for the best gear/tools of your interests, whether it's the best mountain bike or the best toothbrush; you will own it even if you have to budget for it.

You’re a peculiar combination of bold enthusiasm, idealism, and strict discipline. Sagittarius Moon gives you an openness to new ideas and the ability to envision trends that aren’t usually present in the Capricorn tribe.

Sag likes to see the “big picture” and your Capricorn Sun enables you to easily see things for what they truly are.  When you’re tasked with forecasting an outcome of something, you’re incredibly accurate. (You’re not as patient with the details as you should be, but your visionary skills make up for that more often than not).


The range of your intellectual abilities; sense of responsibility and integrity; spontaneous understanding of the larger implications of different attitudes and situations; ambition and love of exploration; ironic sense of humor.


Verbosity and occasional pomposity; tendency to exhibit intellectual pretension when you are actually feeling insecure; to waste energy in a nervous seeking of new pastures; to get fixed on narrow views that become rigidly moralistic.


(Usually) Extremely devoted in personal relationships, you nevertheless find it easier to commit yourself when you have found true intellectual rapport with someone.

You are passionate and loyal, and have a strong feeling for the importance of family and community. Working hard to provide for your loved ones is something you will not resent, as long as there is also plenty of time for fun and doing your own thing.

You get moody and impatient if you feel your partner is being too demanding. This is because you are not particularly sensitive to the more subtle dynamics and emotional needs which come with intimate relationships.

Sagittarius is a warm, loving, and emotional sign. You do not find it difficult to express these qualities. You are passionate and want to enjoy a rich and rewarding love and sex life. Perhaps you do not take this sphere of your life as seriously as do others of the Capricorn Sun tribe, but the chances are that you get a lot more fun out of it. You need a great deal of freedom within a relationship and should bear this in mind when considering a permanent liaison.

The worst Sagittarian fault is restlessness. Try not to take this out on your partner, or to allow that ever so-slightly roving eye to cause too many problems.


As a Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Moon, your approach to parenting marries the grounded, disciplined energy of Capricorn with the freedom-loving, adventurous spirit of Sagittarius.

Your Capricorn Sun lends you a practical and disciplined outlook. As a parent, you instill these values in your children, teaching them about responsibility, ambition, and the merits of hard work. You provide a structured environment and clear expectations, guiding your children to understand the importance of setting goals and persisting until they reach them. However, remember to balance your disciplined demeanor with an outpouring of warmth and affection, ensuring your children understand they are loved unconditionally, and not solely for their achievements.

Your Sagittarius Moon, on the other hand, adds a dose of optimism, adventure, and love for learning to your parenting style. You encourage your children to explore, to be curious, and to appreciate the diverse world around them. You inspire them to seek truth, ask questions, and embrace life with a broad-minded perspective. But be aware of your Sagittarian tendency to crave constant change or adventure, as children also need stability and routine.

With your Capricorn pragmatism and your Sagittarian enthusiasm, you guide your children to be both grounded and exploratory. You foster in them the ability to work hard and dream big, to be disciplined yet open-minded, and to value both achievement and adventure.


Famous Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Moon People Depicted Above:

Anthony HopkinsR. KellyJohn LegendJason BatemanDave GrohlAristotle Onassis

Nicole EggertFKA TwigsDave MathewsJulia Louis-DreyfusHoward HughesJeff Bezos

James DentonRod StewartTiger WoodsKevin CostnerNash GrierGeorge Newbern


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