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Capricorn Sun and

Scorpio Moon

An Overview for those with Capricorn Sun and Scorpio Moon.


Strength of character; self-possessed; dedicated; exacting moral standards; analytical; proud; resilient; tireless worker; compassionate; loyal; sensual; self-repressed; brooding; tenacious; no time for fools; ambitious.

Combination Theme

This is one of the most powerful Sun Moon combinations of the Zodiac. It’s as though God gave you more tools to work with than the average human.

Capricorn gives its natives an exceptional ability to see the high-level nature of how the world really works while Scorpio deepens the view from the underbelly of the beast.

Scorpio Moon makes you more reserved than all other Capricorns, but that is because you’re always calculating for your next move. YOU NEVER speak before you think. You do actually listen to people when they speak because you want to make certain that you are justified when you make your next fierce judgment or remark.

You easily see through the bullshit of any situation because you possess the powers of manipulation yourself. Scorpio is a deep, dark, and mysterious emotional energy. Few people (if any) know your secrets. You are especially stubborn and it takes an act of God to change your mind once you’ve dug your heels into a stance on a matter.

Scorpio Moon (your inner core) is a bit of a painful gift because unless you have other aspects in your chart that combat the morose energy of Scorpio, you’re likely to experience depression now and then. It is a gift though, because after every bout, you regenerate into the next, an even more polished and cunning version of yourself.


Moral integrity and strength of character; perceptive and penetrating mind; quiet but fervent support of the underdog and of those you love; ability to focus on a goal and remain undeterred by obstacles; compassion and courage to undergo suffering for the sake of regeneration.


Tendency to be too serious, rigid and strict; to be accusatory and blind to your own prejudices; to get despondent and stuck in narrow and pessimistic attitudes.


You have a tremendous amount of common sense, and you cherish traditional values, which sustain the emotional and material security you urgently require. You can be a wonderful homemaker, and a protective parent, like the mother bird who jealously protects her babies from attack by diverting the enemy's attention or by direct assault. The fact that you do not give up easily often makes you the indefatigable mainstay and power behind the throne in a family or company.

You are also a sensualist, delighting in the fulfillment of your basic human needs. Possessive of your own pleasure and intensely private about your feelings, you do not let go very easily unless emotional events strike a nerve so deeply that you go off the deep end temporarily, only to feel much relieved when you return to sanity and self-control. The latter you definitely prefer, but catharsis is particularly healthy for you, helping you to release internal pressures and tensions, which result from your constant vigilance and desire to keep out unwanted threats to your well-being.

When you are emotionally committed to someone you are steadfast and possessive but equally generous and passionate. "Life is earnest and life is real" could be your motto, and you usually manage to deepen and transform - even if just a little bit - every person with whom you come in contact.

Your powerful emotions make you a passionate lover who needs a rich and fulfilling love and sex life. You will be a demanding partner and will need an enthusiastic lover.

The worst Scorpionic fault is jealousy, and it might be that you occasionally succumb to this useless, negative emotion. Listen to rational explanations from your partner.


As a Capricorn Sun Scorpio Moon, your approach to parenting combines the practical, disciplined nature of Capricorn with the intense, passionate energy of Scorpio.

Your Capricorn Sun instills in you a grounded and disciplined outlook on life. As a parent, you impart these values to your children, teaching them about responsibility, hard work, and ambition. You provide a structured environment with clear expectations, guiding your children to understand the importance of setting goals and working persistently to achieve them. However, it's crucial to balance your disciplined demeanor with warmth and nurturing, reassuring your children they are loved not only for their achievements but also simply for who they are.

Your Scorpio Moon, on the other hand, brings depth, emotional intensity, and a touch of the mysterious to your parenting style. You're deeply attuned to your children's feelings and are always ready to offer emotional support. You inspire them to be brave, to explore their feelings, and to face life's challenges head-on. However, watch out for your Scorpio tendency towards being overly protective or secretive. It's important to foster openness and trust, as well as allowing your children the space to grow and explore independently.

With your Capricorn practicality and your Scorpio depth, you raise your children to be resilient and emotionally aware. You encourage them to be goal-oriented, to face their emotions bravely, and to have the tenacity to overcome obstacles.


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