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Capricorn Sun and

Libra Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Capricorn Sun and Libra Moon.


Socially aware; chic; a practical intellectual; liberal yet conservative; solid sense of justice; elegant; professional; clear-headed; high principles; organizer; a friendly loner; determined; a fighter for causes; courageous.

Combination Theme

Capricorn Sun and Libra Moon can be a contradictory and confusing pair of energies for one to weave together.  Libra is sociable, graceful, indecisive, and a bit lazy, while Capricorn is guarded, emotionally detached and hard working for material gains.

Combined, you exude composure and an unwavering sense of direction. You pay attention to details and have a very fair and analytical bent to your personality.

You are trustworthy and responsible and your ability to remain level-headed and unruffled open doors of opportunity for you. You have a personality that is both magnetic and intriguing to others. You are well liked by those around you and have the ability to persuade and sway anyone in your favor.


Strong intellect; patient pursuit of truth and justice; determination to work hard for ideas you believe in; sense of social justice, duty, decency and good faith; commitment to fulfilling your responsibilities and supporting your loved ones.


Proneness to negative thinking; inclination to be opportunistic; skepticism which can turn into outright cynicism; inclination to become pompous and pretentious in your own areas of expertise; the constant struggle between wanting to see situations as having clear-cut, black and white solutions while still seeing the nuances of the situation that clearly have no easy answers.


One of your central dilemmas in relationships is your own understanding of whether you are a romantic or a pragmatist. Although relating comes naturally to you and consumes much of your energy, to be at your best you also need alone time at the end of the day.

Any partnership you enter into needs to be based on strong-shared interests and a common sense of purpose. Teamwork is in your blood. But, you will need a partner who understands your need for space and allows you the independence to pursue your career ambitions.

Loyalty comes naturally to you, and you expect others to be equally loyal and sensible. You may not realize that others need more emotional input than you seem to give, and that a kindly pat on the head and a stiff upper lip is not the answer to all their problems. You seem stoic, but in fact, there is plenty of tenderness in you. Try being less reasonable and more impulsive at times; do what you want to do, not just what you think is expected of you.

You will most likely not feel psychologically complete until you have created a satisfying and long-term partnership for yourself. There are internal conflicts in your being that need resolution before you can learn to love someone else's conflicts. You really do need that all-important rapport with another person who is close to you. But you also need space and time to yourself. When choosing a partner, it is important to keep this in mind.


As a Capricorn Sun Libra Moon, your approach to parenting combines the grounded, disciplined energy of Capricorn with the balanced, harmonious nature of Libra.

Your Capricorn Sun lends you a practical and disciplined outlook on life. As a parent, you impart these values to your children, teaching them about responsibility, hard work, and ambition. You provide a structured environment with clear expectations, guiding your children to understand the importance of setting goals and working persistently to achieve them. However, it's crucial to balance your disciplined demeanor with an outpouring of warmth and affection, ensuring your children understand they are loved not only for their achievements but also for who they are.

Your Libra Moon, on the other hand, brings an element of harmony, diplomacy, and aesthetic appreciation to your parenting style. You instill in your children a sense of fairness, teaching them the importance of balance, respect, and cooperation. You foster an environment where emotions are acknowledged and respected, and where conflict is handled with grace and diplomacy. However, watch out for your Libran tendency towards indecisiveness or people-pleasing, as it's also important to teach your children to stand up for their beliefs and make firm decisions when necessary.

With your Capricorn practicality and your Libra balance, you raise your children to be both ambitious and harmonious. You foster in them the ability to work hard and achieve their goals, but also to appreciate beauty, to be considerate of others, and to seek balance in all things.


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Joan of ArcRachel LuttrellCharlyne YiNicholas CagePatrick DempseySean Hannity

Humphrey BogartLee DanielsJude LawKarina SmirnoffBradley CooperTed Cruz

Mel GibsonAntony JeselnikDanika MckellarKyle RichardsSergio GarciaTia Carrere


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