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Capricorn Sun and

Leo Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Capricorn Sun and Leo Moon.


Laughter and hard work; inferiority and superiority; forcefully vibrant; authoritative; powerful; proud; honorable; creative and capable; responsible and ambitious; dignified warmth; assertive and theatrical; a black-and-white-ish believer or doubter.

Combination Theme

Yours is a robust personality; it’s almost as though you were designed to be in charge of others. You believe in yourself and easily translate that belief to others. Leo Moon adds charisma, pizazz and the ability to inspire to the otherwise stodgy Capricorn Sun.

You do in fact have much of the right stuff to be a CEO, politician or possibly even a movie star (depending upon how powerful and harmonious your moon). As a Capricorn you seek money and power and as a Leo Moon you seek fame, or at least adoration from your creative achievements.

Extreme pride can be your undoing, but if you do not let your ego get in the way, you are capable of truly magnificent achievements.


Natural flair and charisma; tremendous creative drive; capacity for dedicated hard work; organizational and leadership abilities; integrity and devotion to excellence; loyalty to those you respect and love.


Tendency towards workaholism; snobbery, social climbing and self-importance; self-centeredness and dogmatism; inflexibility and dislike of change; tendency to become dictatorial to compensate for your feelings of inadequacy; inability to accept criticism without taking it personally.


Matters of the heart are a paradox for you. One day you choose to be alone, austere, even monastic, isolating yourself from people and the world; the next day your warm heart is brimming over with love. You can be demanding and haughty, sometimes distant and inflexible, but this is often a defense against your fear of criticism.

Your characteristic vanity and need for control can be a problem in close relationships. You have high standards and fairly conventional ideas about the give-and-take in love, but learning to relax and giving in to your more playful side will help you enjoy life more.

Enormously passionate when you let yourself go, you will thrive with a partner who both adores and respects you, and who realizes that you need space to express your creative drive. You are stubbornly devoted to your family and will go to great lengths to provide them with the best - which, of course, is what they deserve.

Leo and Capricorn have a fine sense of style and are not averse to showing off. This quality will certainly be in the forefront when you're dating and then fall in love. Avoid bossiness at all times, and, if you are accused of it, take the allegation seriously. It could detract from a relationship that would otherwise be good fun.


As a Capricorn Sun Leo Moon, your approach to parenting blends the grounded, disciplined energy of Capricorn with the vibrant, expressive nature of Leo.

Your Capricorn Sun imparts you with a practical and disciplined outlook on life. As a parent, you instill these values in your children, teaching them about responsibility, hard work, and ambition. You provide a structured environment with clear expectations, guiding your children to understand the importance of setting goals and working persistently to achieve them. However, remember to balance your disciplined demeanor with a genuine show of warmth and affection, reassuring your children they are loved not only for their achievements but also simply for who they are.

Your Leo Moon, on the other hand, brings an element of warmth, creativity, and expressiveness to your parenting style. You encourage your children to shine brightly, to express their feelings and ideas boldly, and to approach life with a courageous heart. You foster an environment that values individuality, creativity, and self-expression. However, be aware of your Leo tendency to be overly dramatic or too focused on appearances, as it's also important to teach your children the value of humility and authenticity.

With your Capricorn practicality and your Leo expressiveness, you raise your children to be both ambitious and self-assured. You foster in them the ability to work hard, to express themselves openly, and to shine their own unique light into the world.


Famous Capricorn Sun Leo Moon People Depicted Above:

Marilyn MansonNorman ReedusDavid Bowie, ChynaTed DansonJ.K. Simmons

Hayley WilliamsCaitlin FitzgeraldKatey SagalSteve HarveyLiam HemsworthDiane Sawyer

Joe FrazierFaye DunawayHaley BennettDave AttellLouis TomlinsonChistine Lagarde


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