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Capricorn Sun and

Cancer Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon.


Tough and tender; sensitivity and self-control; ambitious; highly observant; self-absorbed yet kind and helpful; supportive; conservative yet open to new ideas; pragmatic; loves nature.

Combination Theme

You were born on, or a near a Full Moon - the Sun and Moon were opposite each other in the sky, giving you the lifelong task of stitching two opposing themes together. Capricorn energy is enterprising, hardcore, tough-love, while Cancer energy is about home and hearth, emotional sensitivity (though they may not show it), and the best giver of tender sweet love.

You are truly stately. Never self-effacing. You carry yourself proudly in the world, and at the same time, you have a true empathy for others - particularly for those who need help. You’re both domestic and enterprising. You have a knack for making money and holding onto it. Trusting your intuition can serve you well.


Strong powers of observation - you tend to see things for what they really are; sincere love of nature; practical concern for the good of others; almost psychic ability to capture and express the moods and emotions of those around you.


The conflict between your tough and tender attitudes to life; wide swings of mood and over-sensitivity to other people's views; even the slightest criticism affects you deeply; self-absorbed preoccupation with your own feelings.


Relationships are important to you, whether you like to admit it or not. Capricorn Sun energy is the tough-love hard-ass energy of the Zodiac, but Cancer Moon provides a relatively bigger heart and more emotional empathy than the rest of the Capricorn Sun tribe.

Capricorn energy produces serious minded and responsible people that despise irresponsible acts from others. Caps crave for definition and clarity.  They want things to be black and white and they want to know the rules of the game. Capricorns need to feel they’re in control in order to feel satisfied and often that requires suppressing emotions to handle the task at hand.

Cancer energy is the opposite in many ways. Cancer is all about nurturing and emotion and inherently knows there’s nothing about emotions that are black and white.

On the one hand you need to be needed; on the other, you feel you are strongest when you stand alone. When really centered, you are highly sensitive to the needs of others and can be one of the kindest and most considerate and thoughtful of people. This genuine concern for others, as well as your deep need for intimate companionship, makes you a very loyal and supportive partner once you have wholeheartedly committed yourself.


As a Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon, your approach to parenting merges the grounded, disciplined energy of Capricorn with the nurturing, emotional nature of Cancer.

Your Capricorn Sun instills in you a practical and disciplined outlook. As a parent, you teach these values to your children, emphasizing the importance of responsibility, hard work, and ambition. You provide a structured environment with clear expectations, guiding your children to comprehend the importance of setting goals and persistently working to achieve them. However, it's essential to balance your disciplined demeanor with warmth and affection, ensuring your children understand they are loved not only for their achievements but also for who they are.

Your Cancer Moon, on the other hand, adds a layer of deep emotional connection and nurturance to your parenting style. You are attuned to your children's emotions and provide a safe, loving environment for them to express their feelings. You foster an atmosphere of emotional security, nurturing their dreams and fears with equal care. However, be mindful of your Cancerian tendency towards overprotectiveness or moodiness. It's important to encourage your children's independence and resilience, allowing them to grow and learn from their own experiences.

With your Capricorn pragmatism and your Cancerian emotional depth, you raise your children to be both goal-oriented and empathetic. You instill in them the ability to work hard, while also nurturing their emotional intelligence and caring nature.


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Jimmy PageDiamond WhiteChris CarmackCatherine MiddletonRobert DuvallGary Johnson

Andy RooneyLogan LermanKristin KreukJanis JoplinMary J. BligeLewis Hamilton


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