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Capricorn Sun and

Taurus Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Capricorn Sun and Taurus Moon.


Solid and sensible; great integrity; stubborn; patient; possessive; good organizational skills; shrewd; worldly; kind and caring; loyal; resourceful; aesthetic; dependable and practical; good teacher; staunch supporter of status quo; good eye for value; a realist.

Combination Theme

As a Capricorn Sun with Taurus Moon, you’re a double-Earth personality. You most likely think Astrology is bunk! That’s ok, it still works on you even if you don’t subscribe to it. (You also probably have the (J)udging preference in the temperament indicator.)

You’re in the top 5 of the most solid and stable personalities of the 144 combinations. People (especially family) look to you for strength as you’re their anchor. There’s nothing mysterious about you; you’re exactly as you seem to be, a calm, loyal, consistent, practical, patient leader. Because of your ability to see things as they are and your abilities to organize and manage, you have all of the tools to be CEO or even a financial wizard.

Taurus Moon is a very stable, but also a sensual energy. (We’d also bet that you have the (S)ensing preference.) Taurus, with its Zen, but slow-moving nature is able to stop and smell the roses. Because your Soul is firmly planted in the physical realm, your ability to truly savor every bite of your food and to enjoy long nights of love making while listening to your music collection is greater than most.


Tenacity and sense of responsibility; your moral strength and honor; sound intellect; immense practicality; sense of proportion and justice; allegiance to sound and music, traditional values; down-to-earth style and enduring devotion to loved ones, colleagues and friends.


An inflexible system of values; possessiveness of people; attachment to familiar routine; tendency to be overly materialistic and pedantic; stubbornness, which especially comes out when you work with people who will not follow the rules.


You have an innate sense of dignity as well as a friendly approachability. A tireless worker and a trustworthy friend, you like people and usually understand them, but perhaps expect and make allowances for what you consider to be normal human weaknesses.

Feeling a sense of duty to do the best you can for yourself and those you love, you assume others want to do the same. Since you have a way of making it all look easy, you can usually inspire others to be productive and resourceful. And if they are not, they may feel your icy, disapproving gaze, and sense the judgments you are making underneath your calm exterior.

As you are basically a conventional person who values tradition and old-fashioned security, you may settle for the predictability of a relationship long after the honeymoon phase has gone. Nevertheless, you are capable of being very sensual, loving and generous, and are generally not very moody. You tend to assume that things will turn out okay, and that material supply will always be forthcoming. Your positive outlook and capabilities will always have a supportive and uplifting influence in the lives of those in your care.

Your Taurean Moon encourages your instinctive need for emotional and material security. You need a stable, permanent relationship and a reliable partner with whom you can stride forward through life.

You are a warm and sensual lover, and should enjoy a rich and rewarding love and sex life. Do, however, remember that possessiveness is the worst Taurean fault, and that you could well be too overbearing toward a lover, perhaps creating a rather claustrophobic atmosphere.


Your Capricorn Sun instills in you a practical and disciplined outlook on life. As a parent, you impart these values to your children, teaching them about responsibility, hard work, and ambition. You provide a structured environment with clear expectations, guiding your children to understand the importance of setting goals and persistently working to achieve them. However, it's important to balance your disciplined demeanor with an outpouring of warmth and affection, ensuring your children understand they are loved not only for their achievements but also for who they are.

Your Taurus Moon, on the other hand, brings an element of stability, sensuality, and patience to your parenting style. You foster a comforting and nurturing environment, ensuring your children feel secure and loved. You teach them to appreciate the physical world, encouraging them to engage their senses and find joy in nature, art, and the simple pleasures of life. However, watch out for your Taurean tendency to be overly stubborn or materialistic, as it's important to teach your children flexibility and the value of intangible qualities.

With your Capricorn pragmatism and your Taurus reliability, you raise your children to be both disciplined and grounded. You instill in them the ability to work hard and be persistent, but also to appreciate beauty, to be patient, and to value stability and comfort.


Famous Capricorn Sun Gemini Moon People Depicted Above:

Isaac Asimove, Dave Foley, Howard Stern, Jake Paul, Kellyanne Convway, Odetta

Naomi Judd, Ryan Seacrest, Stacey Dash, Stan Lee, Pitbull, Ali Wentworth

Sarah Polley, Holland Taylor, Beau Mirchoff, David Archuleta, Lars Ulrich, Rob Zombie


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