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Noureen DeWulf, Ali Larter, Glenn Close, Bruce Willis, Kelsey Grammer, Dichen Lachman  Sasha Grey, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Steph Curry, Carrie Underwood, Victoria Justice, Tony Gonzales  Vida Guerra, Common, John Turturro, Kim Raver, Harry Belafonte, Tristan Thompson

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Pisces Sun and

Aquarius Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Pisces Sun and Aquarius Moon.


Mind and emotions; science fiction; humanitarian; receptive; friendly; charitable; moral certitude; missionary zeal; progressive thinker; servant of universal concerns; versatile; sociable; easy-going.

Combination Theme

Pisces and Aquarius are the last two Signs of the Zodiac. You’re highly evolved.

Pisces Sun people are the go-with-the-flow sweethearts of the Zodiac. You’re intensely intuitive, emotionally sensitive and genuinely kind. Pisces is very much an abstract thinker and seeks to synthesize their spiritual experiences with reality. Your Aquarius Moon represents scientific analysis, emotional independence, originality and humanitarianism.

At its best, Pisces Sun/Aquarius Moon is the mystical guru, the forward-thinking humanitarian, the quirky scientist and the abstract artist. You’re able to establish camaraderie with most kinds of people, and the weird ones are your favorite.

You genuinely love people. You’re genuinely kind but, you have a need for freedom and detachment from the crowd now and then. The idea of "People", in general, is more meaningful to you than are individuals. A decent analogy for this appeal would be you at a crowded pool party and happily floating alone, beverage in hand, in the deep end of the pool, no one is bothering you - giving you the perfect vantage point for observing others.


Positive, friendly feeling for humanity; ability to learn with both the proverbial left and right sides of the brain; gentle but articulate and persuasive self-expression; wide acceptance of the whole gamut of society; moral authority and trustworthiness; genuine desire to leave the world better than when you found it.


Emotional gullibility; need to push your moral concerns onto others; assumption that everyone feels as strongly as you do about whatever your current cause may be; allowing the woes of the world and a somewhat holier-than-thou attitude to get in the way of enjoying yourself.


With most people, and especially with your loved one, you are tender, devoted, considerate and understanding. You can tune into your partner easily, and it can seem that you take on his or her coloring and live your life according to his or her needs. In fact, however, there is a part of your soul that belongs only to yourself, and you will need time alone to explore your own thoughts and feelings and what you want to do with them.

You bring your humanitarian spirit, as well as your wit and wisdom into your private life. Intellectual rapport is important, and so is the humor you share, which goes a long way in soothing and smoothing out problems. Emotionally you are loyal and honorable, but for you joy comes from many different things - music, art, philosophy and social involvement, with your every-growing circle of friends.

While you are often extremely attractive to the opposite sex, you may distance yourself when you feel that a prospective lover is pressing you too fast. You have an independent streak that may well influence your whole lifestyle. If this is the case, do not allow yourself to be pressured into changing it. Aim to achieve a rewarding love and sex life with partners who recognize your strong need for independence.


As a Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon, your approach to parenting combines the empathetic, imaginative energy of Pisces with the innovative, intellectual spirit of Aquarius.

With your Pisces Sun, you possess a deep sense of empathy and a creative, intuitive perspective on life. As a parent, you nurture these qualities in your children, encouraging them to understand others' feelings, to dream big, and to trust their intuition. You strive to create a nurturing environment that promotes empathy, imagination, and spiritual connection. However, it's crucial to balance your emotional depth with some grounding practicality, ensuring your children understand the importance of balancing dreams with reality.

On the other hand, your Aquarius Moon brings an air of originality, curiosity, and humanitarianism to your parenting style. You encourage your children to think outside the box, question the status quo, and care about the world around them. You promote intellectual curiosity, freedom of thought, and an understanding of their roles within the broader community. However, be mindful of your Aquarian tendency to be overly detached or rational at times. It's equally important to address the emotional needs of your children and demonstrate emotional warmth.

With your Pisces intuition and Aquarius ingenuity, you guide your children to be emotionally intelligent dreamers and innovative thinkers. You instill in them the spirit of empathy, coupled with a love of learning and community involvement.

 Noureen DeWulf, Ali Larter, Glenn Close, Bruce Willis, Kelsey Grammer, Dichen Lachman  Sasha Grey, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Steph Curry, Carrie Underwood, Victoria Justice, Tony Gonzales  Vida Guerra, Common, John Turturro, Kim Raver, Harry Belafonte, Tristan Thompson

Famous Pisces Sun Aquarius Moon People Depicted Above:

Noureen DeWulfAli LarterGlenn CloseBruce WillisKelsey GrammerDichen Lachman

Sasha GreyLeigh-Allyn BakerSteph CurryCarrie UnderwoodVictoria JusticeTony Gonzales

Vida GuerraCommonJohn TurturroKim RaverHarry BelafonteTristan Thompson


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