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Carl Reiner, Bryan Cranston, Wanda Sykes, Rashida Jones, Gary Sinise, George Washington  Jeff Daniels, Charles Barkley, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Julie Bowen, Kathy Ireland, William H. Macy  Sara Blakely, Dr. Travis Stork, Seal, Jon Bon Jovi, Ron Howard, Cas Anvar

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Pisces Sun and

Capricorn Moon

An Overview for those with Pisces Sun and Capricorn Moon.


Humane, helpful; charitable; serious and self-reflective; perceptive; cautious; discreetly ambitious; circumspect; pillar of strength; fount of compassion; philosophical humor; moral integrity; strategic; devoted; a reserved romantic; dutiful; deep sense of justice; dependable.

Combination Theme

You’re the Pisces that gets stuff done. You truly break the stereotypes of Pisces Sun people being day-dreaming, free-spirited intuitive types that just want to go with the flow. With Capricorn Moon, you’re more serious, driven, confident, conservative, organized and have a strength of purpose.

You’re far more grounded than the others of the Pisces Sun Tribe, but you still maintain your gifts of imagination and abilities for abstract thought. With your combination, you imagine how situations will pan out and your conclusions are reliable due to the wisdom of your hard-nosed reality-based Capricorn Moon.


Genuine kindness; sensitivity to and understanding of human need; pragmatic and resourceful imagination; shrewd perception; quiet adaptability; abiding integrity; deep sense of duty.


Lack of confidence; timidity; proneness to pessimism and worry; tendency to be secretive and defensive; a somewhat moralistic and judgmental approach to human relations.


Though you easily make friends, you're inherently a private person who takes love and family duties very seriously.

In a relationship, you are warm, devoted, even romantic; although too much self-sufficiency can make you overly cautious, distant and a bit austere at times.

You come to know yourself and your needs early on, as well as just how much you will risk. Armed with self-knowledge, you seek out serious, secure relationships.  Your softer side flourishes in close relationships, where you may express and receive empathy from one another and where you can give of yourself without expecting anything in return.  However, you have too much common sense to allow yourself to dissolve completely into the bliss of the moment if that would sabotage your grand plans for the future.

Although you are loving and adaptable, you want to know where you stand. You are sensitive, generous and protective of loved ones, and expect affection and respect in return. There may be a paternal quality about the way you form relationships which inspires others to lean on you, but you do not suffer fools gladly, and you can adopt a puritanical manner when loved ones let you down. When you make a commitment, you intend to honor it, and the person who gets your loyalty and love knows he or she has a prize indeed.

Your Capricornian Moon prevents you from being gullible in your love life, and you are less likely than many Pisceans to don rose-colored spectacles when falling in love. Capricorn is not a sign that bestows a high emotional level; Pisces, on the other hand, gives you a capacity to express emotion forcefully towards a partner. You are probably very faithful and eager to see your partner progress in life. Possibly more than most people, you need security within your relationship and will work in earnest to make it work. Do not allow feelings of inferiority to creep into your attitude.


As a Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon, your approach to parenting brings together the empathetic, imaginative energy of Pisces with the practical, disciplined qualities of Capricorn.

Your Pisces Sun imbues you with a deep sense of empathy and a creative, intuitive perspective on life. As a parent, you nurture these qualities in your children, encouraging them to understand others' feelings, dream big, and trust their intuition. You aim to create a nurturing environment that fosters empathy, imagination, and spiritual connection. Nonetheless, it's crucial to balance your emotional depth with grounding practicality, ensuring your children grasp the importance of balancing dreams with reality.

Meanwhile, your Capricorn Moon introduces a sense of discipline, responsibility, and pragmatism to your parenting style. You instill these values in your children, teaching them the significance of hard work, discipline, and practicality. You provide structure and stability, ensuring they understand that dreams are achieved through dedication and perseverance. However, be cautious of your Capricorn tendency to be overly strict or authoritative. It's important to also nurture your children's playful, spontaneous side and allow them room for self-expression and creativity.

With your Pisces intuition and Capricorn pragmatism, you guide your children to be emotionally intelligent dreamers and practical achievers. You instill in them a spirit of empathy, coupled with a strong sense of responsibility and discipline.

 Carl Reiner, Bryan Cranston, Wanda Sykes, Rashida Jones, Gary Sinise, George Washington  Jeff Daniels, Charles Barkley, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Julie Bowen, Kathy Ireland, William H. Macy  Sara Blakely, Dr. Travis Stork, Seal, Jon Bon Jovi, Ron Howard, Cas Anvar

Famous Pisces Sun Capricorn Moon People Depicted Above:

Carl ReinerBryan CranstonWanda SykesRashida JonesGary SiniseGeorge Washington

Jeff DanielsCharles BarkleyJennifer Love HewittJulie BowenKathy IrelandWilliam H. Macy

Sara BlakelyDr. Travis Stork, SealJon Bon JoviRon HowardCas Anvar


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