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Pisces Sun and

Libra Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Pisces Sun and Libra Moon.


Sensitive and whimsical; intuitive; diplomatic; charming; cagey; artistic; gentle and compliant; love of beauty and harmony; easy-going; trusting; gullible; co-operative.

Combination Theme

With Libra Moon complimenting your Pisces Sun, you have an exacting sense of aesthetics and the ability to know how to present your creative sense and sensibilities in the best possible light. You’re strongly sensual; everything you touch gets a bit of romantic and idealistic glamour. Appealing to the emotions, rather than to the intellect, should be your aim. You are more of an intuitive type than an intellectual; try to weave these parts together.

You tend to seek peace instead of the limelight- hence the lack of notable celebrities representing your Sun/Moon combo. You just want to be appreciated for your contribution, your sacrifice. You’re not the type that wants to be famous. You’re not flashy, and don’t want to be. You’re refined and immune to the pettiness of pride.


Intuition and imaginative faculties; charming, gracious and sensitive treatment of other people; refined, cultured, artistic approach to life; the ability to inspire others with your gentleness and graceful self-expression; your capacity for collaboration and joint projects.


Holding unrealistic ideals by which you live and evaluate others; tendency to rationalize and believe what is most pleasant and expedient; proneness to indecision and over dependence on others.


You are a real romantic and can enjoy the good life to the hilt. It is easy for you to become dependent on your loved one, and in order to keep the peace, you may cling to a bad relationship for far too long, and this only eclipses your own creative power. Your underlying fear of confrontation is due to an even deeper fear of being rejected and alone, for you need others and you thrive when you are with someone who is earthy, grounded and stable.

You're very attractive to the opposite sex, and capable of enjoying a highly rewarding love and sex life while having a tendency to fall in love with love itself. You may not feel psychologically whole until you are sharing an emotional relationship.


As a Pisces Sun Libra Moon, your approach to parenting combines the empathetic, imaginative energy of Pisces with the harmonious, diplomatic nature of Libra.

With your Pisces Sun, you possess a deep sense of empathy and a creative, intuitive perspective on life. As a parent, you nurture these qualities in your children, encouraging them to understand others' feelings, to dream big, and to trust their intuition. You strive to create a nurturing environment that promotes empathy, imagination, and spiritual connection. However, it's crucial to balance your emotional depth with some grounding practicality, ensuring your children understand the importance of balancing dreams with reality.

Your Libra Moon brings a sense of balance, harmony, and diplomacy to your parenting style. You emphasize the importance of fairness, cooperation, and maintaining harmonious relationships. You teach your children the value of compromise, communication, and seeking peaceful resolutions. You create a home environment that encourages open dialogue, respect for different perspectives, and collaboration. However, be mindful of your Libran tendency to avoid conflict or become indecisive. It's equally important to teach your children to assert themselves and make independent choices.

With your Pisces intuition and Libra diplomacy, you guide your children to be emotionally intelligent dreamers and harmonious individuals. You instill in them a deep understanding of empathy, coupled with a strong sense of fairness and cooperation.


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