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David Faustino, Lucy Fry, Chris Willis, Kurt Russell, Kurt Cobain, Cierra Ramirez  Kaya Scodelario, K. Michelle, Emily Blunt, Aziz Ansari, Emeli Sande, Jordan Klepper  Lou Costello, Liza Minnelli, Reggie Bush, Drew Barrymore, Blake Griffin, Peter Sarsgaard

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Pisces Sun and

Cancer Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Pisces Sun and Cancer Moon.


Ultra-sensitive; emotional; romantic; thoughtful and caring; social awareness; philanthropic; nurturing; colorful imagination; introspective; vacillating moods; intuitive; timid; healer; poetic; funny; good mimic; endearing sense of humor; versatile; retiring.

Combination Theme

Pisces energy is dreamy, intuitive, imaginative and a master of abstract thought, while Cancer is nurturing, emotionally sensitive, has an exceptional memory and places a strong value on its security, both financial and emotional.

Combined, you’re imbued with a multitude of talents and adaptability, but not necessarily with the drive to claw your way to the top of industry. It’s difficult to “rage against the machine” when you’re so inherently peaceful and serene. Your sensitivity enables you to adapt effortlessly to almost any circumstance while maintaining your sovereignty.


Genuinely compassionate and warm-hearted nature; instinctive understanding of the human mind and heart; adaptability and versatility in the face of wavering fortunes; colorful imagination and flair for the dramatic.


Timidity and fearfulness; over-sensitivity and tendency to take offense at the slightest provocation; proneness to let other, more extroverted, personalities define or limit your creative potential.


Although you fear getting hurt, you are far more emotionally resilient than you think. You come alive in a warm, happy relationship in which you can give of yourself generously and be appreciated and adored. At times you may play the role of the parent, clucking and cooing over your loved ones while they bask in your maternal love. But you can just as easily slip into the role of the naughty child who periodically abandons one's self to fantasies. You have a way of losing yourself to the drama and sweet sorrow of love, so you must be careful not to become the martyr and doormat in a relationship that has become an addiction.

Although you have an enigmatic quality to your love nature, you actually tend to be quite conventional and traditional, loving domesticity and family life. You thrive when people need and depend on you, and give you that blissful feeling of indispensability. You give your loved ones enormous consideration and tenderness, and if you do not get the same back you worry and eventually feel resentment. You need a partner you can rely on, and you may even develop a knack of looking slightly pathetic and needy so that he or she will dissolve in sympathy for you.

You will be a very passionate, sensual lover and will make a wonderful partner in a long-term relationship or marriage. You know how to please your lover both in and out of bed, and will not find it difficult to achieve sexual fulfillment. Make sure that you do not nag your partner, and remember that in expressing your love, it can be all too easy for you to create a claustrophobic atmosphere.


As a Pisces Sun Cancer Moon, your approach to parenting combines the empathetic, intuitive energy of Pisces with the nurturing, emotional depth of Cancer.

Your Pisces Sun endows you with a deep sense of empathy and a creative, intuitive outlook on life. As a parent, you nurture these qualities in your children, encouraging them to understand others' feelings, to dream big, and to trust their intuition. You strive to create a nurturing environment that promotes empathy, imagination, and spiritual connection. However, it's crucial to balance your emotional depth with some grounding practicality, ensuring your children understand the importance of balancing dreams with reality.

Your Cancer Moon, on the other hand, amplifies the nurturing, protective, and emotional aspects of your parenting style. You provide a safe, comfortable environment for your children, nurturing their emotional growth and providing unwavering support. You guide them to understand their own feelings, to appreciate the comforts of home, and to value familial bonds. However, be mindful of your Cancerian tendency to be overly protective or emotionally fluctuating. It's important to allow your children to experience life's ups and downs and to remind them that it's okay to feel a wide range of emotions.

With your Pisces intuition and Cancer nurturing, you guide your children to be emotionally intelligent dreamers and empathetic nurturers. You instill in them a deep emotional understanding and a broad sense of empathy.

 David Faustino, Lucy Fry, Chris Willis, Kurt Russell, Kurt Cobain, Cierra Ramirez  Kaya Scodelario, K. Michelle, Emily Blunt, Aziz Ansari, Emeli Sande, Jordan Klepper  Lou Costello, Liza Minnelli, Reggie Bush, Drew Barrymore, Blake Griffin, Peter Sarsgaard

Famous Pisces Sun Cancer Moon People Depicted Above:

David FaustinoLucy FryChris WillisKurt RussellKurt CobainCierra Ramirez

Kaya ScodelarioK. MichelleEmily BluntAziz AnsariEmeli SandeJordan Klepper

Lou CostelloLiza MinnelliReggie BushDrew Barrymore, Blake GriffinPeter Sarsgaard


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