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Famous Pisces Sun Aries Moon People Depicted Above:  Daniel Craig, Will.i.am, Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Jamie Dimon, Galileo Galilei  Rihanna, Holly Hunter, Sophie Turner, Eva Longoria, Ansel Elgort, Harry Caray  James Taylor, Lindsey Morgan, William Hurt, Chuck Norris, Dana Delany, Billy Zane

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Pisces Sun and

Aries Moon Tribe

An Overview for those with Pisces Sun and Aries Moon.


Romantic; independent; sensitive; affectionate; adventurer; big talker; understanding; touchy; quarrelsome; humble, but self-centered; fun-loving; moody; vivid imagination; artistic; willful; nervous; quick thinker.

Combination Theme

Pisces energy is dreamy, mystical, intuitive, wise and sensitive to others' emotions. Aries is brute-force, Egotistical, get-it-done-now Big Bang energy. As combined, you’re a dreamer who dreams BIG.

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, is a great example from your Tribe. As a Pisces Sun, he had a pulse for what people want and need; even before we knew we needed it. He thought in the abstract (Pisces) and had the guts, energy, and Ego (Aries) to deliver it to reality.

Steve wasn’t really an engineer (that was Wozniak). Steve, as with all Pisces people, was wired to use both sides of his brain instead of just the left-brained nuts and bolts, math-based engineering side.

Instead, Steve was into conceptualizing product design (Pisces), real-world use and capability (Aries).

Aries Moon imparts an independence that often makes you quarrelsome and difficult to work with. Steve was fired as CEO from Apple at one point (Aries ego issues), but they hired him back and he took Apple to even greater heights.


Quiet charisma; warmth and optimism; frank spirit and jovial fellow feeling; combined sensitivity and impetuosity, which makes you fun to be with; ability to enter the race while at the same time encouraging the very best in your opponents; capacity to laugh at human nature and bounce back.


Fear that your abilities and worth will not be noticed, making you go overboard in your efforts to win; tendency to be touchy and argumentative and to take yourself too seriously; inclination to be at the mercy of emotional fluctuations between selfishness and consideration for others, and an inner frustration when to do one seems to totally deny the other.


One of the most romantic of all Sun-Moon combinations, you yearn for the bliss of union and then, when you have found him or her, you throw yourself impetuously into a relationship. You can be sweet, self-sacrificing, and sympathetic, but then you suddenly pull away, pick a fight, or in some way reclaim your sense of self. You are moody and not always easy to live with, but you would not willfully hurt your loved one, and are always ready to forgive.

You may remain something of an enigma to your loved one, but he or she can usually boast that you are a devoted friend, a lively companion and a romantic artist who can turn any adventure into a song or a poem. You may in fact find that music is your best medium, as it helps to soothe the emotional flare-ups that disturb your repose.

You possess both the fiery, expressive passion of Aries and the deep, intense emotion that derives from Pisces. You are likely to fall in and out of love very quickly. Your Arien Moon probably makes you more resistant to being upset than most Pisceans, and you have the ability to detach yourself once you realize that an affair is over. You have what it takes to enjoy a rewarding, fulfilling relationship, although the worst Arien fault, selfishness, could surface at times.


As a Pisces Sun Aries Moon, your approach to parenting merges the empathetic, imaginative energy of Pisces with the fiery, dynamic spirit of Aries.

Your Pisces Sun endows you with a deep sense of empathy and a creative, intuitive perspective on life. As a parent, you nurture these qualities in your children, encouraging them to understand others' feelings, to dream big, and to trust their intuition. You strive to create a nurturing environment that promotes empathy, imagination, and spiritual connection. However, it's crucial to balance your emotional depth with some grounding practicality, ensuring your children understand the importance of balancing dreams with reality.

Your Aries Moon, on the other hand, brings a sense of passion, courage, and initiative to your parenting style. You inspire your children to be brave, to take the lead, and to express themselves boldly. You foster an environment that promotes independence, action, and courage, ensuring your children feel the freedom to chase their passions and face challenges head-on. However, watch out for your Aries tendency to be overly impulsive or impatient. It's equally important to teach your children to think before they act and to practice patience.

With your Pisces intuition and Aries dynamism, you guide your children to be both emotionally intelligent dreamers and bold leaders. You instill in them the spirit of empathy, coupled with a sense of courage and initiative.


Famous Pisces Sun Aries Moon People Depicted Above:  Daniel Craig, Will.i.am, Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Jamie Dimon, Galileo Galilei  Rihanna, Holly Hunter, Sophie Turner, Eva Longoria, Ansel Elgort, Harry Caray  James Taylor, Lindsey Morgan, William Hurt, Chuck Norris, Dana Delany, Billy Zane

Famous Pisces Sun Aries Moon People Depicted Above:

Daniel CraigWill.i.amTony RobbinsSteve JobsJamie DimonGalileo Galilei

RihannaHolly HunterSophie TurnerEva LongoriaAnsel ElgortHarry Caray

James TaylorLindsey MorganWilliam HurtChuck NorrisDana DelanyBilly Zane


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